Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 3

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Q. When was the 1st Indian postal stamp was issued?

A) 1937

B) 1876

C) 1854

D) 1852

Answer: D

Q. If Dust is called Air, Air is called Fire, Fire is called Water, Water is called Colour. Colour is called Rain and Rain is called Dust, then where do fish live?

A) Colour

B) Dust

C) Water

D) Fire

Answer: A

Q. Which college has the least number of students from the discipline of Science?

A) A

B) C

C) E

D) D

Answer: D

Q. Jon Von Neumann developed

A) the first electronic computer.

B) first electronic flip flop machine

C) stored programme concept

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following words is not included in preamble of the constitution?

A) Socialist

B) Secular

C) Dignity

D) Integrity

Answer: C

Q. The President of India may either give his assent or withhold his assent on a reserved bill of a state in case if the bill is


A) Finance Bill

B) Money Bill

C) An Ordinary Bill

D) All of these

Answer: B

Q. Central Institute of Design is situated at

A) Ahmedabad

B) Pune

C) Gulmarg

D) Dehradun

Answer: A

Q. Maximum participation of students is possible

A) discussion method

B) lecture method

C) audio-visual aids

D) text book method

Answer: A

Q. Which technique is generally followed when the population is finite?

A) Area Sampling Technique

B) Purposive Sampling Technique

C) Systematic Sampling Technique

D) None of these

Answer: C

Q. During lecture in classroom, some students hesitate to say that they are unable to understand your lecture. What may be the reason for this?

A) You are unable to communicate effectively.

B) Your educational methodology is inadequate

C) Students fear you.

D) There is a cordial relation between you and your students

Answer: A

Q. If you are doing experiments on a large group of samples which method of controlling will you adopt?

A) Elimination

B) Elimination and matching

C) Randomization

D) Matching

Answer: C

Q. Any effective communication system employs a feedback system in order to

A) make the necessary modifications in the process.

B) Understand more about the content.

C) Find faults with the sender (teacher)

D) find faults with the receiver ( the students)

Answer: A

Q. Bull is related to Drought in the same way as cow is related to ………….

A) Livestock

B) Milch

C) Farm

D) Fodder

Answer: B

Q. MICR devices can read

A) letter

B) numbers

C) Both (a) and (b)

D) None of these

Answer: B

Q. Pitchblende is the ore of

A) rubidium

B) francium

C) radium

D) uranium

Answer: D

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