Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 30

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Q. Which One Of The Following Languages Can Be The Best Medium Of Instruction At Primary Level?

A) National Language (Hindi)

International Language (English)

C) Regional Language

D) Mother Tongue

Answer: D

Q. All of The Following Are The Characteristic Features Of An Effective Teacher Except

A) Emphasis Upon Standards

B) Emphasizing Group Discussion For The Purpose Of Clarifying The Objectives

C) Emphasis Upon The Quick Control Of Problematic Situations.

D) Differential Treatment Meted Out To Students Of His Class.

Answer: C

Q. Which One Of The Following Should A Teacher Adopt In His Lecture In A Class?

A) Precise And Low Tone.

B) Elongated Tone.

C) Precise And High Tone.

D) Moderate Tone.

Answer: A

Q. Which Of The Following Is True About Micro Teaching?

A) It Is The Following With Video Recording Of Lessons.

B) It Is A Teacher Education Technique Allowing Teachers To Apply Clearly Defined Teaching Goals.

C) It Is Scaled Down Teaching Encounters In Class Size And Class Time.

D) All Of These

Answer: D

Q. If Students Are Not Able To Follow Your Lectures What Will You Do First?

A) You Will Make Your Lecture More Easy.

B) You Will Try To Know The Cause And Find The Right Solution For That.

C) You Will Start Giving Examples To Them.

D) None Of These

Answer: B

Q. This Methodology Trains The Child To Search Facts, Rules And Principles Led By His Own Efforts, Organize The Set Of Knowledge Gained And Delineate General Rule. The Aforesaid Statement Is About Which Of The Following Methodology Of Teaching?

A) Montessori

B) Kindergarten

C) Heuristic

D) Play way

Answer: C

Q. While Dealing With Juvenile Delinquents A Teacher Should

A) Play Them Filthy Jokes.

B) Talks With Them Frankly And Guide And Channelize

C) Complain To The Principal Against Them

D) None Of These

Answer: B

Q. Which Of The Following Is A Disadvantage Of Teaching Machine?

A) The Insurance Of Attention

B) Their Universal Use For Different Kinds Of Programmes

C) The Tracking Of Errors

D) All Of These

Answer: A

Q. The Greatest Important Cause Of Failure In The Beginning For A Teacher Lies In The Area Of:

A) Interpersonal Relationship

B) Verbal Ability

C) Knowledge Of The Teacher

D) Light-Handling Of The Student

Answer: A

Q. The Best Way To React To A Wrong Answer Given By A Student Is:

A) To Scold Him For Not Having Learnt The Lesson

B) To Explain Why The Answer Is Wrong

C) To Ask Another Student To Give The Correct Answer

D) To Ignore The Wrong Answer And Pass On The Next Question

Answer: B

Q. Which Of The Following Institutions Is Responsible For The Implementation Of Reforms In Teaching Profession?

A) University Grants Commission.

B) National Council For Teacher’s Education

C) National Council For Educational Research And Training

D) National Institute Of Educational Planning And Administration.

Answer: D

Q. A Serious Minded Teacher As A Rule:

A) Allows The Mistakes To Be Committed And Explains How To Minimise Those Mistakes

B) Never Allows Mistakes On The Part Of His Students

C) Takes All Precaution So That Students Never Commit Mistakes

D) Should Mildly Punish Students Who Commit Mistakes

Answer: A

Q. One Of Your Student Is Too Poor To Buy A Book. How Will You Help Him?

A) You Will Purchase The Book.

B) You Will Collect A Fund From Others For This Purpose.

C) You Will Provide The Books From Library.

D) You Will Request The Institute Administration To Make A Policy For Helping Such Students.

Answer: C

Q. Objective Type Questions Are Not Helpful In Testing

A) Student’s Knowledge Level of Subject Matter.

B) Student’s Ability to Describe and Explain Things.

C) Student’s Ability of Writing and Expression.

D) All of The Above

Answer: D

Q. Which Of The Following Is Responsible For Uniformity In Curriculum At Higher Level In India?

A) University Grants Commission.

B) National Council For Educational Research And Training

C) Human Resource Development Ministry.

D) All India Council For Technical Education.

Answer: A

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