Teaching and Research Aptitude UGC Paper 1 Part 8

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Q. The Public Accounts Committee submits its report to

A) the Speaker of Lok Sabha

B) the Comptroller and Auditor General

C) the President of India

D) the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

Answer: A

Q. In the following sequence find the last term. A, D, Z, E, Y, F?

A) W

B) V

C) X

D) U

Answer: C

Q. Find the odd one out of the following

A) hockey

B) cricket

C) baseball

D) basketball

Answer: D

Q. An input operation performs two functions, they are

A) It causes an input device to physically read data, and transmits the data from the input device to an input area of CPU.

B) It causes an input device to transmit the data convert into image form.

C) It causes an input device to physically read data, transmit the data to printer.

D) None of these

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is not true about earthquake?

A) The shaking of ground is known as earthquake

B) It is a geological hazard

C) Seismic waves generated by earthquakes are invaluable for studying the interior of earth

D) Tsunami causes earthquakes

Answer: Option D

Q. Very small time intervals less than Nano seconds are accurately measured by the

A) Quartz clocks

B) Pulsars

C) Atomic clocks

D) White dwarfs

Answer: C

Q. What is true about Loner Lake?

A) It is a Salt Lake

B) It is a Crater Lake

C) It is a Lagoon Lake

D) It is situated in Rift Valley

Answer: B

Q. Which broadcasting system for TV is followed in India?





Answer: B

Q. The biggest news agency of India is




D) Samachar Bharati

Answer: A

Q. The F-test

A) is essentially a two tailed test.

B) is essentially a one tailed test.

C) can be one tailed as well as two tailed depending on the hypothesis.

D) can never be a one tailed test.

Answer: C

Q. To educate according to nature means

A) to come back to nature as oppose to mechanical life

B) to educate in accordance with the law of nature of human development

C) to study natural laws and apply them to educational process.

D) All of the above

Answer: B

Q. What is the full form of abbreviation HFT used in research?

A) Holzman Inkblot Test

B) Holfkins Issac Test

C) Higher Intelligence Test

D) Hinds Informative Test

Answer: Option A

Q. In order to produce a quality of research, it depends on

A) use of high technology

B) available facilities

C) training in research methodology

D) dedication on the part of researcher

Answer: D

Q. In comparing the lecture and developmental lessons which one of the following is false?

A) There is more public developmental lesson

B) It is more difficult to ascertain public learning in a lecture lesson

C) The lecture method is more conducive to largest class

D) Slow children derive more benefits from a lecture than brighter children do

Answer: D

Q. Who among the following used the term “variance” for the first time?

A) J.L. Bayerd

B) J.L Murphy

C) R.A. Fisher

D) Rudi Shawn

Answer: A

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