Teaching Aptitude Most Important Questions with Answers Part 2

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19. Practice is made in

(a) Inductive method

(b) Deductive method

(c)Drill method

(d) Discussion method

Answer is = c

20. The Socratic Method is known as

(a) Lecture demonstration method

(b) Discussion method

(c)Inquiry method

(d) Question- Answer method

Answer is = d

21. Which is not true about projects?

(a) It is a purposeful activity

(b) It is preceded in social environment

(c)It is accomplished in real life

(d) It is teacher centred activity

Answer is = d

22. Duration of lessons in macro- lesson plans is

(a) 5-10 min

(b) 10-20 min

(c)20-30 min

(d) 35-45 min

Answer is = d

23. In British approach of lesson planning, more emphasis is on

(a) Activity

(b) Teacher

(c)Content presentation

(d) Teacher and content presentation

Answer is = d

24. American approach emphasizes

(a) Teacher

(b) Content presentation

(c)Learning objectives

(d) Methods

Answer is = c

25. Which one is not the type of lesson plans on the basis of objectives?

(a) Micro lesson plan

(b) Cognitive lesson plan

(c)Affective lesson plan

(d) Psychomotor lesson plan

Answer is = a

26. Which is not true about lesson plan?

(a) It is develops confidence

(b) It helps in orderly delivny of contents

(c)It is developed by students

(d) It saves from haphazard teaching

Answer is = c

27. A good drama does not include

(a) Interesting story

(b) Alive dialogues

(c)Very long play

(d) Subject full of feelings

Answer is = c

28. Which is not the objective of Drama/ role play?

(a) Recreation and enjoyment

(b) Development of social skills

(c)Development of skills of conversation

(d) Do make rehearsals

Answer is = d

29. Drama or role play is useful for teaching

(a) History

(b) Science


(d) Language

Answer is = a

30. The main types of teleconferencing identified are

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

Answer is = b

31. Which are not the types of teleconferencing?

(a) Audio teleconferencing

(b) Video teleconferencing

(c)T.V teleconferencing

(d) Computer teleconferencing

Answer is = c

32. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning?

(a) Individual


(c) Both a & b

(d) None of a & b

Answer is = c

33. Cooperative learning is an alternative to

(a) Competitive models

(b) Teaching models

(c) Lesson plans

(d)Micro teaching

Answer is = a

34. The number of students in cooperative learning groups are

(a) 3-4

(b) 5-6

(c) 8-10

(d) 10-15

Answer is = a

35. The essential characteristic of cooperative learning is

(a) Effective learning

(b)Positive interdependence


(d) Division of labour

Answer is = b

36. The students like to spend the most of the time with

(a) Teachers

(b) Parents

(c) Relatives

(d) Peers

Answer is = d

37. Peer culture constitutes

(a) Socialization

(b) Individualization

(c) Both a & b

(d) None of a & b

Answer is = a

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