Teaching Aptitude Most Important Questions with Answers Part 3

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38. Which is not the advantage of team teaching?

(a) Better utilization of resources

(b) Better planning

(c) Better use of teaching techniques

(d) Better financial benefits of teachers

Answer is = d

39. The hypothesis underlying team teaching is

(a) Teachers feel bore while working alone

(b) Teachers are not competent

(c) The best teachers in schools are shared by more students

(d) The single teacher cannot control the class

Answer is = c


40. CAI stands for

(a) Computer analyzed instruction

(b) Computer assisted instruction

(c) Computer assisted interview

(d) Computer analyzed interview

Answer is = b

41. Which is not the mode of CAI

(a) Tutorial mode

(b) Drill mode

(c) Simulation mode

(d) Question mode

Answer is = d

42. Example of psychomotor domain is that student

(a) Demonstrates awareness to environmental pollution

(b) Performs an experiment

(c) Can computer results of two experiments

(d) Can narrate a story

Answer is = b

43. Ability to develop a life style based upon the preferred value system is

(a) Responding

(b) Valuing

(c) Organizing

(d) Characterizing

Answer is = d

44. Example of cognitive domain is

(a)Describe a topic

(b) Develop an X-ray film

(c) Type a letter

(d) Take responsibility for tools

Answer is = a

45. At the highest level of hierarchy is

(a) Understanding

(b) Application

(c) Evaluation

(d) Analysis

Answer is = c

46. Student can design a laboratory according to certain specification in which category of objective?

(a) Analysis

(b) Synthesis

(c) Evaluation

(d) Knowledge

Answer is = b

47. The number of domains in taxonomies of educational objective is

(a) Tow

(b) Three

(c) Five

(d) Six

Answer is = b

48. The highest level of cognitive domain is

(a) Synthesis

(b) Analysis

(c) Comprehension

(d) Evaluation

Answer is = d

49. The process of determing the value or worth of anything is

(a) Test

(b) Measurement

(c) Assessment

(d) Evaluation

Answer is = d

50. Educational objectives have been divide into

(a) Two domains

(b) Three domains

(c) Four domains

(d) Five domains

Answer is = b

51. Taxonomy of educational objectives was presented in

(a) 1946

(b) 1956

(c) 1966

(d) 1976

Answer is = b

52. The classification of cognitive domain was presented by

(a) Benjamin S. Bloom

(b) Skinner

(c) Krathwhol

(d) Simpson

Answer is = a

53. Cognitive domain have

(a) Three subgroups

(b) Four subgroups

(c) Five subgroups

(d) Six subgroups

Answer is = d

54. The lowest level of learning in cognitive domain is

(a) Comprehension

(b) Application

(c) Knowledge

(d) Synthesis

Answer is = c

55. The highest level of learning in cognitive domain is

(a) Evaluation

(b) Synthesis

(c) Analysis

(d) Application

Answer is = a

56. The right sequence of subgroups cognitive domain is

(a) Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Synthesis, analysis, Evaluation

(b) Knowledge, Comprehension, application, Evaluation, analysis, Synthesis

(c) Knowledge, Comprehension, Evaluation, application, Analysis, Syntesis

(d) Knowledge, Comprehension, application, analysis, Synthesis Evaluation

Answer is = d

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