Teaching Aptitude Most Important Questions with Answers Part 5

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76. Psychomotor domain was classified by Simpson in

(a) 1962

(b) 1972

(c) 1982

(d) 1992

Answer is = b

77. Affective domain was divided into subgroups by Krathwhol in

(a) 1954

(b) 1964

(c) 1974

(d) 1984

Answer is = b

78. Psychomotor domain was divided by Simpson in

(a) Four subgroups

(b) Five subgroups

(c) Six subgroups

(d) Seven subgroups

Answer is = d

79. The Characteristic of behavioral objective is

(a) Observable and Immeasurable

(b) Non- observable

(c) Observable and measurable

(d) None of above

Answer is = c

80. The right sequence of sub-groups of psychomotor domain is

(a) Perception, Set, Guided response, Mechanism, Complex overt response, adaptation, Origination

(b) Perception, Complex over response, Set, Guided, response, Mechanism, adaptation, Organization

(c) Set, Origination, Guided response, Mechanism Complex overt response, Adaptation, perception

(d) Guided response, Mechanism, perception, Set, Adaptation, Organization, Complex overt response

Answer is = a

81. Objective related to affective domain is

(a) Student can paint a picture

(b) Student can draw a graph

(c) Student values honesty

(d) Student can write a letter

Answer is = c

82. Bring together scientific ideas to form a unique idea is

(a) Application

(b) Analysis

(c) Synthesis

(d) Evaluation

Answer is = c

83. Which is vast in scope

(a) Teaching tactic

(b) Teaching Technique

(c) Teaching Strategy

(d) Teaching Method

Answer is = c

84. Students find/explore the in formations themselves in

(a) lecture method

(b) Discovery method

(c) Both

(d) none

Answer is = b

85. Teacher performs practically and explains in

(a) Lecture method

(b) Discovery method

(c) Demonstration method

(d) Problem solving method

Answer is = c

86. Role of student is active in

(a) Discover method

(b) Problem solved method

(c) Inquiry method

(d) All above

Answer is = d

87. Micro teacher is a

(a) Teacher method

(b) Teaching training technique

(c) Motivational technique

(d) None of above

Answer is = b

88. What is the tie of presentation in Micro teaching?

(a) 1-5 min

(b) 5-10 min

(c) 10-15 min

(d) 15-20 min

Answer is = b

89. What is the No of students in micro teaching?

(a) 1-5

(b) 5-10

(c) 10-15

(d) 15-20

Answer is = b

90. Micro teaching started in

(a) 1950

(b) 1960

(c) 1970

(d) 1980

Answer is = b

91 Micro teaching focuses on the competency over

(a) Method

(b) Skills

(c) Contents

(d) None of above

Answer is = b

92. Which is more suitable in teaching of science?

(a) Lecture method

(b) Demonstration method

(c) Discussion method

(d) Project method

Answer is = d

93. Which one is exception?

(a) Books

(b) Magazine

(c) Diagrams

(d) TV

Answer is = d

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