Physics MCQs for NTA (UGC)-NET Part 12

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The distance between a point source of light and a screen is doublet. The intensity of light on the screen will be

  1. Four times the original value

  2. Half of the original value

  3. Two times the original value

  4. One quarter the original value.


From the following which one is used for studying ultra violet light?

  1. Prism of crown glass

  2. Prism of flint glass

  3. Prism of quartz

  4. Prism with combination & flint and crown glass


Electromagnetic waves are

  1. Longitudinal waves

  2. Transverse waves

  3. Neither longitudinal nor transverse

  4. Stationary waves


If there are no atmosphere the average temperature on the surface of the earth would be

  1. Lower

  2. Higher

  3. Same as now


Displacement current was first produced by

  1. Ampere

  2. Henry

  3. Maxwell

  4. Base


Pick out the odd one which has extremely short wave length much shorter than that of visible light and can be emitted from the nucleus of an atom.

  1. UV radiation

  2. β radiation

  3. γ radiation

  4. Infrared radiation


The TV transmission tower in Delhi has a height of. The distance up to when the broadcast can be received [taking radius of earth to be]


All the members of electromagnetic spectrum have same

  1. Frequency

  2. Velocity

  3. Wave length

  4. Wave number


Infrared spectrum lies between

  1. Radio and micro wave region

  2. Visible and UV region

  3. Micro wave and visible region

  4. UV and X-ray region


Choose the waves relevant to telecommunications.

  1. Ultra violet

  2. Visible

  3. Infra-red

  4. Micro waves

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