Psychology Most Important Questions with Answers on State of Consciousness Part 5

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70. Cocaine achieves its effect through the chemical messengers

(a) Dopamine and noradrenaline.

(b) Noradrenaline and THC.

(c) Sopor and phosphene.

(d) RNA and adrenaline.

Answer: A


71. Many of the chemicals released by a burning cigarette are

(a) Harmless.

(b) Carcinogens.

(c) unknown.

(d) Tetrahydrines.

Answer: B


72. As the muscles in your body relax during Stage 1 sleep, the reflex muscle contraction that may happen is called

(a) An autonomic cramp.

(b) A hypnic jerk.

(c) Restless leg syndrome.

(d) Hypnogogic image syndrome.

Answer: B


73. Which waves are characteristic of stage 1 or light sleep?

(a) Beta waves

(b) Large regular waves with some sleep spindles

(c) Small irregular waves with some alpha waves

(d) Delta waves

Answer: C


74. Alcohol is classified as a

(a) stimulant.

(b) Depressant.

(c) hallucinogen.

(d) Barbiturate.

Answer: B


75. A person experiences blind panic, screaming, and thrashing around during the terror. This episode is called

(a) A nightmare.

(b) A night terror.

(c) A REM rebound episode.

(d) Paradoxical sleep.

Answer: B


76. REM sleep makes up about __________ percent of total sleep.

(a) 10

(b) 20

(c) 30

(d) 40

Answer: B


77. Which of the following statements concerning marijuana is TRUE?

(a) There is a direct link between marijuana and lung cancer.

(b) Long-term marijuana users show no impairments of thinking abilities.

(c) Marijuana temporarily lowers sperm production in males.

(d) Marijuana is extremely harmful.

Answer: C


78. To be conscious means to be __________ .

(a) Dreaming

(b) Aware

(c) dynamic

(d) In REM

Answer: B


79. At the center of the activation-synthesis hypothesis of dreaming is the need to

(a) Give expression to unfulfilled wishes.

(b) Provide an outlet for repressed thoughts.

(c) Provide explanations for physiological activity.

(d) Exhibit socially acceptable behavior.

Answer: C


80. The drug in America that causes the most damage is

(a) Marijuana.

(b) Heroin.

(c) Alcohol.

(d) Cocaine.

Answer: C


81. EEG records indicate that during sleep the brain

(a) Increases its activity.

(b) Changes its pattern of activity.

(c) Reduces its activity.

(d) Shuts down.

Answer: B


82. A person who has trouble getting to sleep is said to suffer from

(a) Narcolepsy.

(b) Sleep apnea.

(c) Insomnia.

(d) Somnambulism.

Answer: C

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