Sociology 2008-Solved MCQs NTA (UGC)-NET Set 2

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xi) In modern society, cultural change is most likely to be the by product of:

a. Planning

b. Diffusion

c. Social struggle

d. None of these

Answer: b

xii) The country with better record for gathering population statistics than any other is:

a. Japan

b. Sweden

c. USA

d. None of these

Answer: a

xiii) The population of the world is expected to double in the next:

a. 35 years

b. 75 years

c. 100 years

d. None of these

Answer: a

xiv) In 2014, the estimated world population would reach

a. 3.7 billion

b. 6.0 billion

c. 9.0 billion

d. None of these


xv) Economic growth will keep pace with population growth only if there is:

a. Available acreage

b. Improved technology

c. Motivation to achieve

d. None of these

Answer: s

xvi) The price paid for increased mobility includes a decrease in:

a. Conformity

b. Loyalty to superior

c. Personal responsibility

d. None of these


xvii) The trend toward urbanization is most advanced in :

a. America

b. England

c. Japan

d. None of these

Answer: a

xviii) In a highly intra-competitive situation, individual can guarantee the trust of peers by:

a. Self modesty

b. Genuine goodwill

c. Withholding praise of superior

d. None of these

Answer: b

xix) The item alien to the concept of mass is :

a. Vastness

b. Anonymity

c. Responsibility

d. None of these

Answer: c

xx) The exception to the typical application of endogamy is :

a. Tribe

b. Kinship

c. Race

d. None of these

Answer: d

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