Tips to Prepare for 2021 NTA-NET JRF in Geography

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NTA now conducts NET Exam and there are 2 papers in all.

  • Paper - I is General Paper for all โ€“ includes Teaching & Research Aptitude and is a common exam which consists of a total of 100 marks with 50 questions
  • Paper II on Geography consists of 200 Marks with 100 questions

Here is Some Preparation Tips for UGC NTA NET Geography in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Make Time Table for Preparation

  • First off all make time table and allot 100 day for preparation of Paper I, II & III.
  • Look at the syllabus for Geography - NTA NET
  • Check out the extensive booklist available at Examrace for Geography Subject
  • According to this timetable divide each topic week wise.
  • During preparation time make summary notes for each and every topic.
  • donีšt waste time to decide which topic is most important and which is not, give equal attention to each topic
  • If possible Make List of week with topic you allot and one extra column which is about you whether you successfully completed this topic or not as it will helps you later when you revise syllabus
  • Do not depend on just one material; try to get more and more information from different books, Wikipedia, various blogs and websites and video tutorials.
  • For Postal course for Paper I visit: Examrace NTA NET Paper 1 Postal Course

Step 2: Solve Previous Year Papers & Preparation Flow

Step 3: Revision

  • After gathering your weakness next step is revision.
  • Same as above allot at list 1 to 2 weeks for revision and in this days go through all the notes which you prepare and week topics gathered in paper solving.
  • Also check reviews for each topic you have made and study according to that.

Important Topics for Geography According to Paper II and Paper III Section-Wise Classification

Focus Topics in Paper 2 and 3 Together

  • Geomorphology โ€“ 10 - 12 questions
  • Oceanography (5 - 6)
  • Biogeography (4 - 7)
  • Environmental geography (5 - 10)
  • Climatology (10 - 12)
  • Human geography (varies from settlement, urban, regional and political every year) โ€“ 20 - 30 questions
  • Geographical thought (10 - 12)
  • Geography of India (20 - 30)
  • Geographic techniques (10 - 20)
  • Very few questions on contemporary topics
  • Preparation of geography will also help in paper 1
  • Very few conceptual questions

For Geography and Psychology Mention Strategy As

  • Start with NCERT
  • Check out syllabus (mention link)
  • Refer Standard Textbooks โ€“ mention booklist
  • Refer Examrace Postal Course โ€“ Flexiprep link
  • Refer Doorsteptutor MCQs with solutions - mention link (includes practice sets and solutions to past papers)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to prepare for ugc net geography n general paper

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    1 Answer

    For NET Geography refer postal course at - Visit Examrace and for paper 1 visit - Visit Examrace

    For solved past year MCQs visit Visit DoorstepTutor

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