How to Crack NTA NET in Women Studies 2022

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Why NET in Women Studies?

In recent times, Women Studies has emerged as one of the popular subjects amongst students, scholars and activists working on women issues. As an academic discipline, it not only challenges and criticizes the gender bias nature of other disciplines, but also provides an interdisciplinary framework to understand the unequal status of women in our society. In the last decade, with the advent of feminist movement across the world, number of Women Studies centers and research institutions have been established in various Indian Universities. Women Studies centers provide MA, MPhil and PhD Courses and provide academic space for the research on women issues and areas concern. Independent research organizations also look for students and scholars who have background in Women Studies.

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Who Can Apply for NET in Women Studies?

The candidates with Master՚s Degree in Humanities (including languages) and Social Sciences are eligible to appear in the subject ‘Women Studies’ (Code No. 74) .

What to Read for NET?


NTA NET has become more conceptual in nature in last few years. So only solving previous papers and remembering facts is not going to help the students. Now, reading and understanding the various topics has become very important. I will suggest all aspirants to divide complete syllabus into topics and subtopics and if required sub sub topics as given at DOORSTEPTUTOR- Women Studies Solved Questions. This will help student in dividing topics in smaller segments and prepare in focused way.

Reading from a quality and authentic sources is very important. Till now there is not a single comprehensive book on women studies. Thus, collecting material on the subject has become a very lengthy process. I will share the complete list of reading material unit wise in my next write up.

Reading one or two newspaper like Indian Express or The Hindu is must for this exam. It will also help in keeping yourself updated on current issues. Economic and Political Weekly՚s Women Studies Review can also be referred for more in-depth knowledge regarding the current researches on women issues. Internet is a very good source, but locate information from only authentic sources. Websites like Ministry of Women and Child Development are good source of information. NCRB, NFHS. Nation Commission on Women provides complete information about the agencies, ongoing schemes and plans and various data.

Try to solve as many questions as you can. This will help you in revising the topics. There are syllabus wise MCQ՚s are available on doorsteptutor website. Do try them. Trust me they will help you a lot.

Good Luck!

Arpita Giri

NET Scholar, Women Studies