Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA-NET Anthropology December 2019 Higher Questions and Answers Part 2

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Question 18. Who among the following scholars stated that the pre-sohan artifacts are manufactured debit age of an early sohan industry?

I) H. de Terra

II) H. L. Movius

III) T. T. Paterson

IV) F.E. Zeuner

Question – 19) Denominator for calculating General Fertility Rate is –

I) All females

II) Females of reproductive age (15-45 year)

III) All females of>50 years

IV) Mid-year population

Question – 20. Which of the following features best describe Homo Florensiensis?

(a) Taxon was erected by Brown et al.

(b) The partial fossil skeleton dates to 16-18 ka.

(c) No stone tools were found along with it.

(d) These fossils come from Italy.

Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:

(1) (a), (b) and (c) are correct

(2) (b), (c) and (d) are correct

(3) (b) and (c) are correct

(4) (a) and (b) are correct

Question 21) Match the following List-I with List II. Use the code given below:

Match the Following List-I with List II. Use the Code Given Below
Match the following List-I with List II. Use the code given below



(a) A line of direct descent

(i) Tethys

(b) The ancient seaway that separated Eurasia from Africa and Asia

(ii) Lineage

(c) A line of common descent

(iii) Phylytic

(d) New World Monkeys

(iv) Platyrrhine

Select the correct option –

(1) (a)-(iv), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(i)

(2) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(i), (d)-(iv)

(3) (a)-(i), (b)-(i), (c)-(ii), (d)-(iv)

(4) (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)

Question – 22) Match the following sites with the archaeologists who are associated with them:

Match the Following Sites with the Archaeologists Who Are Associated with Them
Match the following sites with the archaeologists who are associated with them



(a) Combe Grenal

(i) Dorothy Garrod

(b) Wadi a Natuf

(ii) Francois Bordes

(c) Jarmo

(iii) Ian Hodder

(d) Catal Hayuk

(iv) Kathleen Kenyon

Choose the correct option from those given below:

(1) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i)

(2) (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii)

(3) (a)-(ii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(iii)

(4) (a)-(iii), (b)-(ii), (c)-(i), (d)-(iv)

Question 23. On a man-made flake, which one of the following will not be seen?

I) Positive bulb of percussion

II) Negative bulb of percussion

III) Eraillure

IV) Flake scar

Question 24) Identify the correct sequence of Evans-Pritchard’s studies in ascending order:

I) Nuer-Azande-Sansui

II) Sansui-Azande-Nuer

III) Sansui-Nuer-Azande

IV) Azande-Sansui-Nuer

Question 25) MN Blood system was discovered by –

I) Weiner and Race

II) Landsteiner and Levine

III) Landsteiner and Weiner

IV) Levine and Weiner

Question 26) Identify the correct sequence of the fossils in the order of their first discovery:

I) Java man-Neanderthal mam-Australopithecus-Peking man

II) Peking man-Java man-Neanderthal-Australopithecus

III) Australopithecus-Java man-Neanderthal man-Peking man

IV) Neanderthal mam- Java man-Australopithecus-Peking man

Question 27) Match items in List I with items in List II:

Match Items in List I with Items in List II
Match items in List I with items in List II



(a) Kadar

(i) Plains agriculturalists

(b) Gujjar

(ii) Artisans

(c) Bhumij

(iii) Hunters and gatherers

(d) Mahali

(iv) Pastoralist

Choose the correct answer:

(1) (a)-(iii),(b)-(iv),(c)-(i),(d)-(ii)

(2) (a)-(i),(b)-(ii),(c)-(iii),(d)-(iv)

(3) (a)-(iv),(b)-(iii),(c)-(ii),(d)-(i)

(4) (a)-(iii),(b)-(ii),(c)-(iv),(d)-(i)

Question 28) Contemporary ethnography includes:

I) Objectivity in approach, data collection and writing process

II) Reflexivity on the part of the ethnographer

III) Collaboration and multiple authorship

IV) Details of field work and dialogue and experience

Choose the correct option:

(1) (I), (II) and (III)

(2) (I), (III) and (IV)

(3) (I), (II) and (IV)

(4) (II), (III) and (IV)

Question 29) Burin is popularly known as-

I) Borer

II) Point

III) Pick

IV) Graver

Question 30) Match the list I with list II:

Match the List I with List II
Match the list I with list II



(a) Correlation Coefficient

(i) Quantitative measures of the strength of the relationship between the variables

(b) Standard deviation

(ii) Measure of dispersion around the mean

(c) Normal distribution

(iii) Frequency distribution that is symmetrical around the mean and the mode, mean and medium are equivalent

(d) Heritability

(iv) Proportion of variation in a population attributable to genotypic differences among the individuals

Choose the correct option:

(1) (a)-(iii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(ii)

(2) (a)-(i), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(iv)

(3) (a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(iii), (d)-(ii)

(4) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(i), (d)-(iv)

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