Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET December 2018 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies Paper 2 Part 5

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Q-81 Ammar Ibn Ali al-Mawsili was an eminent


  1. Mathematician

  2. Historian

  3. Geographer

  4. Ophthalmologist

Q-82 Which one of the following is correctly matched?


  1. Ibn Abd Rabbih – Al-Ahkam al-Sultaniyah

  2. Al – Jahiz – Hayat al-Hayawan

  3. Abul Faraj Isfahani – Kitab al – Aghani

  4. Abu Ali al-Qali – Al-Kamil

Q-83 The pact of league of Arab states was signed in March 1945 in


  1. Riyadh

  2. Cairo

  3. Baghdad

  4. Damascus

Q-84 The author of Al-Fawz al-Kabir is


  1. Shah Abdal – Aziz

  2. Shah Abdul Rahim

  3. Shaykh Ahmad Sirhundi

  4. Shah Waliullah

Q-85 Which one of the following is correctly matched?


  1. Ayyubid – Samarqand

  2. Mamluks – Kashghar

  3. Zangids – Aleppo

  4. Aghlabids – Bukhara

Q-86 Which one of the following is correctly matched?


  1. Mustakhraj – Abu Nu’aym Isfahani

  2. Mu’jam – Abu Da’ud Tayalisi

  3. Mustadrak – Muhammad bin Isma’il

  4. Jami’ – Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Q-87 The slogan ‘Ana al-Haqq’ was raised by


  1. Farid al-din Attar

  2. Mansur al-Hallaj

  3. Shibli

  4. Suhail Tustari

Q-88 The famous observatory at Samarqand was founded by


  1. Ulugh Beg

  2. Abdul Rahman al-Sufi

  3. Al al-Dawlah

  4. Murad-III

Q-89 Which of the following is correctly matched?


  1. Al-Jahiz – Kitab al Hayawan

  2. Ibn-al-Nafis – Kitab al-Manazir

  3. Al-Ghazzali – kitab al- Bukhala

  4. Al- Mas’udi – Kitab al-Hind

Q-90 The Mosque of Amr Ibn al-‘ is located in


  1. Alexandria

  2. Fustat

  3. Qairawan

  4. Damascus

Q-91 The first person to be appointed as Amir-al-Hajj in the history of Islam was


  1. Uthman

  2. Umar

  3. Abu Bakr

  4. Ali

Q-92 In Egypt, one of the following promoted scientific agriculture and introduced the cultivation of cotton from India


  1. Muhammad Ali Pasha

  2. Taufiq

  3. Abbas Pasha

  4. Shah Faruq

Q-93 This question consists of three statements. Indicate the correct answer from the alternatives given below:

  1. Muhammad Ali was founder of Modern Egypt.

  2. He started the process of inviting French and other European officers to train his army.

  3. He sent student missions to be trained in Europe.


  1. (i), (ii) and (iii) all are correct.

  2. (i) and (ii) are correct, but (iii) is wrong.

  3. (i) and (iii) are correct, but (ii) is wrong.

  4. (i) is correct, but (ii) and (iii) are wrong.

Q-94 One of the following poets did not belong to the Umayyad period


  1. Jarir

  2. Abul Atahiyah

  3. Akhtal

  4. Farazdaq

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