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Business Economics

Utility Analysis: Cardinal Utility Approach

1. On which of the Following Assumption, Theory of the consumer behaviour on cardinal utility Approach is not based?

a) Consumer is Rational

b) Limited money income of the consumer

c) Maximum of satisfaction

d) Diminishing marginal utility of money

e) Utility can be measured in two ways:

Banking and Financial Institutions

Digitalisation of Banking

Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Digital Payment System

2. Which of the following types of the Cyber-attacks may occur in the process of the mobile banking?

i. Backdoor attack

ii. Front door attack

iii. Denial of service attack

iv. Direct Access attack

Choose the correct option from those given below:

1. i, ii and iii

2. ii, iii and iv

3. i, ii and iv

4. i, iii and iv

Legal Aspect of Business

Indian Contract Act: Conditions & Warranty

3. Which one of the following relates to Warranty?

1. It is of Vital of importance for completion of contract

2. If there is breach, the aggrieved party can repudiate the contract

3. It is essential to the main purpose of the contract

4. In case of the Breach, the aggrieved party can claim only damages

Legal Aspect of Business

Corporate Law

6. Which one of the following sections of the companies Act, 2013 facilities amalgamation, absorption and reconstruction of companies?

a) 319

b) 320

c) 410

d) 502

Financial Management

Capital Budgeting

7. Match the following methods of capital budgeting with their respective formula:

Match the Following Methods
Match the following methods



a) ARR method

i)Present value of cash inflows- Present value of cash outflows

b) Pay-back Period method

ii)Present value of cash inflows divided by present values of cash outflows

c) NPV method

iii) Average income divided Average Investment

d) Profitability Index

iv) Investment divided Annual cash inflows

Choose the correct option given below:

1. a-iii; b-i; c-iv; d-ii

2. a-iii; b-iv; c-i; d-ii

3. a-i; b-ii; c-iii; d-iv

4. a-i; b-iv; c-ii; d-iii

Business Management



9. The informal group’s communication system is called

1. Group Dynamics

2. Grapevine

3. Exchange

4. Interaction

Banking and Financial Institutions

Financial Market

Money Market

10. 14 days intermediate T-bills were brought into effect from 1996-97 after the abolition of which of the following?

1. 91 days T-bills

2. 182 days T-bills

3. 273 days T-bills

4. 364 days T-bills

Legal Aspect of Business

Indian Contract Act

Contract of Indemnity and guarantee

12. The indemnity holder is not entitled to

1. All damages which he may be compelled to pay in any suit in respect of any matter to which the promise applies

2. All costs that he may be compelled to bear in defending any such suit

3. All sums that he may have paid under the terms of any compromise of such suit

4. Damages for the liability incurred which is not absolute

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