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Financial Management

Q88. Maximization of firm’s growth rate subject to managerial and financial constraints’ as one of the important alternative objectives of especially large business corporation was pleaded by:

1. Milton Friedman

2. Robin Marris

3. Cyert and March

4. H.A. Simon

Income Tax and Tax Planning

Deductions on Income

Q89. Given below are two statements. One is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R).

Assertion (A): Tax should not be charged on dividend income from the shareholders

Reason (R): Some economists are of the opinion that when tax has already been paid on the profit of the company and balanced is distributed as dividend to the owners; tax need not be levied on them

In the light of the above two statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. Both A) and R) is the correct explanation of A)

2. Both A) and R) true but R) is NOT the correct explanation of A)

3. A) is true but R) is false

4. A) is false but R) is true

Start Passage

Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

Companies often define themselves in terms of products: They are in the “auto business” or the “clothing business”. Market definitions of a business, however, describe the business as a customer – satisfying process. Products are transient, basic needs and customer groups endure forever. Transportation is a need: the horse and carriage, automobile, railroad, airline, ship and truck are products that meet the need. Viewing business in terms of customers can suggest additional growth opportunities. There exists a difference between a target market definition and a strategic market definition. To define its mission, a company should address Peter Drucker’s classic question: What is our business?

Q96. Which of the following is the correct combination Product

Definition and Market Definition of Xerox Company?

1. Product Definition – We sell photocopies

Market Definition – We help improve office efficiency

2. Product Definition – We make photo machines

Market definition – We improve copy speeds

3. Product Definition – We sell copying equipment

Market Definition – We make office more efficient

4. Product Definition – We make copying equipment

Market Definition – We help improve office productivity

Q97. Which of the following is the correct product definition of ‘Blue Star’?

1. We provide climate control in homes and offices

2. We supply air conditioners

3. We make air cooling systems

4. We make air conditioners

Q98. Pepsi could define its ‘target market as:

1. Everyone who drinks carbonated soft drinks and are competitors

2. Anyone who drinks liquids

3. Everyone who drinks non-milk drinks

4. Anyone who drinks competitors’ drinks

Q99. Which of the following is NOT a major characteristic of a good mission statement?

1. They have very limited words

2. They focus on a limited number of goals

3. They stress the company’s major competitive spheres in which company will operate

4. They have a long-term view

Q100. Which of the following is the correct market definition of ‘BPCL’?

1. We distribute oil products

2. We are the largest oil supply company in India

3. We supply energy

4. Bharat’s own oil Distribution Company

End Passage

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