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Business Management

Human Resource management

Compensation Plans

31. Match the ‘Category of compensation’ with compensation plan

Category of Compensation Plan
Category of compensation plan

(Category of compensation)

(compensation plan)

a) pay for not worked

i) savings plan

b) Services and perquisites

ii) Stock option

c) Protection Programme

iii) Pension

d) Incentive pay

iv) Sick leave

e) Deferred pay

v) Low costs meals

Choose the correct options from those given below:

1. a)-iii); b)-iv); c)-ii); d)-i); e)-v)

2. a)-iv); b)-v); c)-iii); d)-ii); e)-v)

3. a)-iv); b)-v); c)-iii); d)-ii); e)-i)

4. a)-iii); b)-v); c)-i); d)-iv); e)-ii)

Business Statistics and Data Processing

Uni-Varite Analysis

Measures of Central Tendency

32. Which of the following measures of central tendency are not capable of algebraic treatment?

I. Geometric Mean

II. Median

III. Arithmetic mean

IV. Mode

V. Harmonic mean

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. I and II

2. IV and V

3. II and IV

4. III and V

Business Environment

Economic policies

33. Which one is odd?

1. Economic policies

2. Economic planning

3. Socio-cultural factors

4. Macro-economic scenario

Marketing Management

Logistics Management

In e- commerce the main or key important factor is communication with the users; therefore, an effective and user-friendly communication system has to be developed so that this would enable to use the e commerce site with more feasibility and address their grievance.

35. Market logistics planning has following four steps. Arrange the steps in correct sequence

I. Develop operational excellence in sales forecasting, warehouse management, transportation and material management

II. Select the best channel design and network strategy for reaching the customers

III. Implement the solution with the best information systems, equipment, policies and procedures

IV. Decide on company’s value proposition to its customers

Select the correct option from those given below

1. I, II, III, IV

2. IV, II, I, III

3. IV, II, III, I

4. IV, III, II, I

Legal Aspect of Business

Negotiable Instrument Act

37. Who are the parties to Cheque?

I. Drawer

II. Payee

III. Acceptor

IV. Holder

Choose the correct answers from the following;

1. I and II only

2. I, II and IV only

3. I and III only

4. I, II and III only

Business Management


38. Which of the following is not the factor contributing to MBO program failure?

1. Altering goals to meet changes in circumstances

2. Easy goals

3. Lack of management support

4. Setting of unrealistically difficult goals

Banking and financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Non-Banking Financial Companies

39. National Housing bank was established in 1987 as wholly owned Subsidiary of which of the following?

1. State bank of India

2. Life insurance corporation of India

3. Reserve Bank of India

4. Industrial finance corporation of India

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