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Business Environment

Factors Effecting

41. Match the list I with list II

Match the List I and with List II
Match the list I and with list II

List I

List II

a) size of market

i) globalization of business

b) demographic environment

ii) foreign trade policy

c) Export – oriented units

iii) Macro environment

d) Multinational corporations

iv) Non –economic environment

Choose the correct option from those given below:

1. a) –iv); b)-ii); c)-iii); d)-i)

2. a)-ii); b)-iii); c)-i); d)-iv)

3. a)-iii); b)-ii); c)-i); d)-iv)

4. a)-iii); b)-iv); c)-ii); d)-i)

Marketing Management

Logistics Management

42. In the recent years – the major gain in logistical efficiency have come from which one of the following?

1. Advances in information technology

2. Reduction in petroleum prices

3. Fast order processing

4. Increase in production of commercial vehicles

Business management

Group Dynamics

43. The theories that explain the formation of ‘Informal Groups’ are to include which of the following?

a) Propinquity Theory

b) Similarity or Balance theory

c) Displacement theory

d) Need for achievement Theory

Choose the correct option from the given below

1. a) and d) only

2. a) and b) only

3. a), b) and c) only

4. All of the above

Business Environment

Legal Environment of Business in India


44. According to FEMA, foreign exchange does not include

1. Deposits payable in any foreign currency

2. Bill of exchange drawn in Indian currency

3. Travellers cheques drawn by institutions outside India but payable in Indian currency

4. Drafts drawn by banks outside India and payable in foreign currency

Income Tax and Tax Planning

45. Which two of the following are correct in terms of rate of tax deduction at source (TDS)?

a) Income by way of winning from horse race:

b) Insurance commission:

c) Rent of plant and machinery:

d) Rent of furniture:

Choose the correct option from the following:

1. a) and b)

2. a) and c)

3. a) and d)

4. b) and c)

Accounting and Finance

Accounting standards

46. Given below are the two statements. One is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as reason (R)

Assertion (A): Indian accountings standards contain some ‘carve outs’ and for convergence with IFRS with some changes applied in India

Reason(R): Financial statements prepared in India with Indian accounting standards will not be IFRS complaint

In the light of the above two statements, choose the correct option

1. Both A) and R) are true and R) is correct explanation of A)

2. Both A) and R) are true and R) is NOT correct explanation of A)

3. A) is true but R) is false

4. A) is false but R) is true

Business Economics

Cost Analysis

47. Which of the following statement is true?

I. In the short run, therefore

II. If decrease in increase in AVC, then AC decreases

III. If decrease in increase in AVC, AC remains constant

IV. If decrease in increase in AVC, then AC increases

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. I and III

2. II and III

3. II and IV

4. I and IV

Marketing Management

Web Marketing

48. Which of the following is not true about web marketers?

1. Web marketers usually try to attract prospects to their site through email, advertisements in newspapers

2. Use attractions like discounts, gifts and contests

3. Ask customers to give their personal data mandatory

4. Give a lot of publicity to the discount schemes

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