Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

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Income Tax and Corporate Tax Planning


Q59. Which two of the following are correct about the due date of issue of the TDS certificate?

I. Form No 16 – Annual

II. Form No 16 A – Quarterly

III. Form No 16 B – Half Yearly

IV. Form No 16 C – Monthly

1. I and IV

2. I and III

3. I and II

4. III and IV

Marketing Management

Promotion Decisions

Sales Promotion

Q60. Match the modes of communication in marketing and their communication platforms

Mode of Communicatio and Communication Platform
Mode of Communicatio and Communication Platform

(Mode of Communication)

(Communication Platform)

a) Advertising

i) Blogs

b) Sales Promotion

ii) Brochures & Booklets

c) Word of mouth marketing

iii) Sales meetings

d) Personal selling

iv) Contests

Choose the correct option

1. a) – ii); b) – iii); c) – iv); d) – i)

2. a) – ii); b) – iv); c) – i); d) – iii

3. a) -iv); b) – iii); c) – ii); d) – i)

4. a) – iv); b) – iii); c) – i); d) – ii)

Financial and Management Accounting

Life Cycle Costing, Target Costing Kaizen Costing, JIT (Just in Time)

Q61. Quality circle is a type of

1. Problem- solving team

2. Cross- functional team

3. Self- directed team

4. Project team

Income Tax and Tax Planning

Computation of Taxable Income of Individuals and Firms

Q62. Under which of the following categories, a partner of partnership firm will be assessed?

1. An individual

2. HUF

3. Firm

4. Body of an Individual

Legal Aspect of Business

Company law


Q63. Match List I with List II

Match List I and List
Match list I and list

List I

List II

a) Qualified Report

i) Auditor Duty

b) Examine Valuation and Disclosure

ii)Auditor Liabilities

c) Access to records of Company and its subsidiaries

iii) Auditor Report

d) Mis-statement in prospectus in company issue of capital

iv) Auditor Right

Choose the correct option from those given below

1. a) – ii); b) – i); c) – iv); d) – iii)

2. a) – iii); b) – i); c) – iv); d) – ii)

3. a) – iii); b) – i); c) – ii); d) – iv)

4. a) – iv); b) – ii); c) – iii); d) – i)

Income tax and Tax planning


Q64. Which two of the following are correct about TDS Certificates?

I. TDS on non-salary payment – Form 16

II. TDS on salary payment – Form 16 A

III. TDS on sale of property – Form 16 B

IV. TDS on rent – Form 16 C

Choose the correct option from those given below

1. I and II

2. III and IV

3. I and IV

4. II and III

Legal Aspect of Business

Companies Act, 2013

Q65. Which of the following statements is NOT correct regarding the duties of an auditor?

1. Physical verification of fixed assets is primarily the responsibility of the auditor

2. Ownership of fixed assets should be verified by examining the title deed by the auditor

3. Auditor should ascertain that the assets are in the possession of the client

4. The auditor should satisfy himself that the assets have been valued in the financial statements according to the accounting principles

Business Environment and International Business

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Q66. Which of the following are parts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to consumers?

1. Reasonable chances and proper system for accomplishment and promotion

2. To supply goods at reasonable prices even when there is seller’s market

3. Improving the efficiency of the business operation

4. To provide an opportunity for being heard and redress genuine grievances

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