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Banking and Financial Institutions

Development Banks

Q67. Arrange the following financial institutions in ascending order of their year of establishment:

I. National Housing Bank

II. Export – Import Bank of India


IV. Unit Trust of India

Choose the correct option from those below

1. II → IV → III → I

2. IV → II → I → III

3. IV → II → III → I

4. IV → III → II → I

Banking and Financial Institutions

Financial Market

Money Market

Q68. Choose incorrect statement from the following:

1. 28 Days T – bills were introduced in 1998

2. 364 Days T – bills were introduced in 1992

3. 182 Days T – bills were introduced in 1986

4. 273 Days T – bills were introduced in 2006

Banking and Financial Institutions

Banking Sector Reforms in India

Q69. Match the following Banking Sector reform committees with their respective purposes:

Match the Following List
Match the following list



a) Y.V. Reddy Committee

i) Revised method of lending in

place of cash credit system

b) Rashid Jilani Committee

ii) Rationalization of interest rate on small savings

c) S.M Kelkar Committee

iii) Working capital lending norms

d) I. T Vaz Committee

iv) Regional Rural Banks

Choose the correct option from those given below

1. a) – i), b)- ii), c) –iii); d) – iv)

2. a) – ii); b) – i); c) – iv); d) – iii)

3. a) – iv); b) – iii); c- ii); d) – i)

4. a) – ii); b) – iii); c) – iv); d) – i)

Business Economics


Q70. Given below are two statements. One is labelled as Assertion (A) and the other is labelled as Reason (R).

Assertion (A): In the case of short run cost behaviour, MC curve intersects Ac curve at its minimum

Reason (R): While AC continues to decrease, MC begins to rise.

Also, when AC as its minimum, it is neither increasing nor decreasing. It is constant when AC is constant; it is equal to MC at the point of intersection

Choose the correct option from those below

1. Both A) and R) true and R) is the correct explanation of A)

2. Both A) and R) true but R) is NOT the correct explanation of A)

3. A) is true but R) is false

4. A) is false but R) is true

Income Tax law and tax planning

Filling of Returns

Q71. Arrange the steps to e-filing of Income Tax Return in correct sequence:

I. Register yourself

II. Verify ITR V

III. Select the requisite form

IV. Fill form and upload

Choose the correct option from the below:

1. I → III →IV → II

2. I → II → III → IV

3. I →II →IV →III

4. III →I →IV →II

Marketing Management

Customer Relationship Management

Q72. Companies that are becoming skilled in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focus on:

1. Understanding the perceived performance and buyer’s expectations

2. Giving benefits to the customers by reducing cost

3. Developing programs to attract and retain the right customers and meeting the individual needs of valued customers

4. Giving the quality in features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied

International Business

World trade organization

Q73. Which two of the following are the functions of WTO?

I. To facilitate the implementation, administration and operation of trade agreement

II. To carry out periodic reviews of the trade policies of its member countries

III. To assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments

IV. To promote international monetary cooperation

Choose the correct option from the following:

1. I and IV

2. II and III

3. III and IV

4. I and II

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