Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Commerce December 2019 Most Important Questions and Paper Solutions

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NTA NET Commerce December 2019: Paper Solutions (Commerce) - Most Important Questions

Q1) On which of the following assumption, theory of the consumer behaviour on cardinal utility approach is not based?

I. Consumer is Rational

II. Limited money income of the consumer

III. Maximum of satisfaction

IV. Diminishing marginal utility of money

V. Utility can be measured in two ways

Answer: IV

Q2) Which one of the following relates to warranty?

I. It is of Vital of importance for completion of contract

II. If there is breach, the aggrieved party can repudiate the contract

III. It is essential to the main purpose of the contract

IV. In case of the Breach, the aggrieved party can claim only damages

Answer: IV

Q3) Which one of the following statements is true?

a) Skewness studies the flatness or peskiness of the distribution

b) A positively skewed distribution curve is stretched more to the right than to the left

c) On the basis of the empirical relationship between the mean, mode and the median for moderately asymmetrical distribution, Karl Pearson coefficient of the skewness can be measured by 3

d) If mean < mode, the distribution is positively skewed

Choose the correct option from the below:

I. a) and b)

II. b) and c)

III. c) and d)

IV. b) and d)

Answer: II

Q4) National Housing Bank was established in 1987 as wholly owned subsidiary of which of the following?

I. State Bank of India

II. Life Insurance Corporation of India

III. Reserve Bank of India

IV. Industrial Finance Corporation of India

Answer: III

Q5) The theories that explain the formation of ‘informal groups’ are to include which of the following?

a) Propinquity Theory

b) Similarity or Balance theory

c) Displacement theory

d) Need for achievement Theory

Choose the correct option from the given below

I. a) and d) only

II. a) and b) only

III. a), b) and c) only

IV. all of the above

Answer: 2

Q6) Which two of the following are correct about TDS certificates?

a) TDS on non-salary payment – Form 16

b) TDS on salary payment – Form 16 A

c) TDS on sale of property – Form 16 B

d) TDS on rent – Form 16 C

Choose the correct option from those given below

i. a) and b)

ii. c) and d)

iii. a) and d)

iv. b) and c)


Q7) What is the typical sequence in which the following selection devices are used by the company?

a) Reference checks

b) Physical examination

c) Application Blank

d) Hire

e) Conditional Offers

f) More interviews

g) Screening interviews

h) Tests

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. c) → g) → h) → f) → a) → e) → b) → d)

2. d) → g) → f) → h) →a) → e) → b) →c)

3. c) → h) →g) → a) →f) → e) → b) → d)

4. d) →g) →h) → f) → a) → e) → b) → d)

Answer: 1

Q8) According to Sale of Goods Act, which two of the following are defined as ‘goods’?

a) Moveable property

b) Growing crops

c) Actionable claims

d) Book debt

Choose the correct answer from the following options:

1. a) and d)

2. b) and c)

3. a) and b)

4. d) and b)

Answer: 3

Q9) Which of the following terms means the tendency of a supervisor to rate a subordinate lower than his performance?

1. Horns Effect

2. Halo Effect

3. Central Tendency

4. Pointing Tendency

Answer: 1

Q10) Which among the following is not correct statement?

1. The reserve Bank of India worked as Central bank of Burma till April 1947

2. The reserve bank of India worked as Central bank of Pakistan till June 1948

3. The reserve Bank of India worked as Central bank of Bangladesh from January 1972 to December 1975

4. the Reserve Bank of India commenced its operations on April 1, 1935

Answer: 3




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