Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Commerce Important Higher Questions and Answer Part 3

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42. Match the following list

Match the Following List
Match the following list

(i) IND AS 7

(i) Employer Benefit

(ii) IND AS 19

(ii) Statement of cash flows

(iii) IND AS 36

(iii) Impairment of assets

(iv) IND AS 41

(iv) Agriculture

a) (1)-(ii), (2)-(i), (3)-(iii), (4)-(iv)

b) (1)-(i), (2)-(ii), (3)-(iii), (4)-(iv)

c) (1)-(iii), (2)-(i), (3)-(iv), (4)-(ii)

d) (1)-(ii), (2)-(iii), (3)-(i), (4)-(iv)


32. _____ is a want for specific product backed by on ability to pay.

a) Demand

b) Want

c) Need

d) Utility


33. _____ is the father of Modern Marketing.

a) Peter Drucker

b) Philip Kotler

c) K. Gonod

d) Abraham Maslow


34. Marketing which involves unusual approaches such as intercept encounters in public places, street giveaways of products.

a) Virtual marketing

b) Viral marketing

c) Guerrilla marketing

d) Green marketing


35. Dividend from Indian Company is exempt under section

a) 10(35)

b) 10(68)

c) 10(34)

d) 10(18)


36. Deduction under section 80 G of donation is allowed to

a) Any assesse

b) Individual or HUF

c) A business assess

d) None of these


24. The transmission of receiver’s reaction back to the sender is known as

a) Source

b) Encoding

c) Noise

d) Feedback


25. Column headings of a table

a) Stub

b) Caption

c) Box head

d) (b) and (c)


26. A graph of a cumulative frequency distribution

a) Ogive

b) Historigram

c) Histogram

d) None of these

Answer – (A)

18. A system of symbols designed to be applied to a classified set of items to give a brief account reference, facilitating entry collection and analysis.

a) Coding system

b) Discretionary system

c) Both (a) and (b)

d) None of these

Answer – (A)

15. Residential Status to be determined for –

a) Accounting year

b) Assessment year

c) Previous year

d) Financial year

Answer – (C)

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