📣 Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Geography Model Paper 1 Higher Questions and Answers Part 1

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1. Deflected of winds by the rotation of earth is known as

(A) Motion Effect

(B) Coriolis Effect

(C) Accidental Effect

(D) Unforced wind

2. The percentage of water vapour in t air in the tropical regions may be as high as

(A) 4 percent

(B) 9 percent

(C) 20 percent

(D) 30 percent

3. Which one of the following is rata to Tribal Economy?

(A) Intensive cultivation

(B) Footloose Industry

(C) Mining and Quarrying

(D) Shifting cultivation

4. A penne plain is the … of the classical geomorphic cycle erosion.

(A) End product

(B) Mature product

(C) Beginning product

(D) Youthful product

5. Which of the following is not component of the stream load?

(A) Unsuspended load

(B) Suspended load

(C) Dissolved load

(D) Alluvial load

6. Which among the following is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?

(A) Aizawl

(B) Rajkot

(C) Kolkata

(D) Imphal

7. Which of the following statements are correct

i. The sediments of Gondwana System were deposited under marine condition

ii. The rocks of Gondwana System are fossiliferous

iii. The Gondwana System rocks contain metallic mineral deposits

iv. The Gondwana deposition took place in down faulted trough

(A) i, ii, iii

(B) i, ii, iv

(C) ii, iv

(D) i, iii

8. Which one of the following mountain ranges does not emerge from the Pamir Knot?

(A) Hindukush

(B) Tienshan

(C) Kunlun

(D) Zagros

9. The Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone during the South West Monsoon Season in India Swifts

(A) Westward

(B) Northward

(C) Eastward

(D) Southward

10. Which one of the following is most suitable diagram for representing the age-sex structure of the population?

(A) Dot method

(B) Triangular graph

(C) Pie diagram

(D) Pyramid diagram

11. The informal sector of economy refers to

(A) Capitalist mode of economy

(B) Bazaar type of economy

(C) Dynamic and stable income

(D) Permanent and productive establishment

12. The central banking functions in India are performed by the

I. Central Bank of India

II. Reserve Bank of India

III. State Bank of India

IV. Punjab National Bank

(A) I, II

(B) II

(C) I


13. Decimal coinage was introduced in India in?

(A) 1957

(B) 1958

(C) 1961

(D) 1965

14. National Income estimates in India is prepared by

(A) C. S. O.

(B) Planning Commission

(C) Finance Ministry


15. Initiatives taken by the Government of India with regard to total sanitation campaign

i. Implementation of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan scheme

ii. Encouragement of the use of bio-toilet facility developed by ORDO on bio-digester technology.

iii. Making toilet construction mandatory for every household.

(A) i, ii and iii

(B) i and ii only

(C) ii and ill only

(D) i only

16 … is the second largest brackish-water lake or lagoon in India.

(A) Muthupet

(B) Cherai beach lagoon

(C) Sri Harikota

(D) Pulicat Lake