📣 Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Geography Model Paper 1 Higher Questions and Answers Part 2

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17. Which of the following statements explains the rain-shadow effect?

(A) Mountains force air to rise, air cools and releases moisture as air rises

(B) The atmosphere gets denser as elevation increases, causing snow to fall

(C) Temperatures are higher one side of a mountain than on the other

(D) Wind patterns cause precipitation

18. Earth՚s three major climate zones are

(A) Polar, tropical, and rain forest

(B) Tundra, temperate, and tropical

(C) Tropical, temperate, and polar

(D Polar, savanna, and rain forest

19. What is an area in which two or more air masses meet?

(A) Front

(B) Tornado

(C) Air mass

(D) Storm surge

20. What is the atmosphere zone called that is characterized by gases not wll mixed, which are layered in accordance with their molecular masses?

(A) Troposphere

(B) Homosphere

(C) Ozonosphere

(D) Hetrosphere

21. A deep layer of electrically charged molecules and atoms that reflects radio waved is

(A) Hetrosphere

(B) Radlosphere

(C) Thermosphere

(D) Ionosphere

22. Air density at standard conditions is about

(A) 1 885 kg/m3

(B) 2.55 kg/m3

(C) 1.226 kg/m3

(D) 3.267 kg/m3

23. Wind energy conversion devices based on drag force

(A) Move faster than wind

(B) Move slower than wind

(C) Move with equal velocity as wind

(D) Do not depend on the velocity of wind

24. Which of these circulation systems has a sinking limb around 30o north and south?

(A) Ferrel cell

(B) Hadley cell

(C) Walker circulation

(D) Polar cell

25. Due to tilt of the Earth՚s axis which of the following lines of latitude receives the highest amount of direct overhead radiation all year round?

(A) Tropic of Capricorn

(B) Equator

(C) Tropic of Cancer

(D) Arctic Circle

26. What is the kinematic viscosity of liquid that has a density of 1.2 g cm-2 and a dynamic viscosity of 2 cP?

(A) 0.6 m2 s-1

(B) 1.67 m2 s-1

(C) 0.6 x10 - 6 m2 s-1

(D) 1.67 x10 - 6 m2 s-1

27. The extrapolation method of predicting the path of a tropical cyclone works best when

(A) The storms past track is curved

(B) The storms past track is linear

(C) The storms past track is re curved

(D) The storms past track has curved and then re-curved

28. The cause of the greatest number of hurricane casualties is

(A) Storm surges

(B) Torrential rains

(C) Tornados spawned from the storm

(D) Lightning strikes

29. Soil is known by different names: Reh, kaliar, USAR, etc.

(A) Black

(B) Alluvial

(C) Red

(D) Grey

30. The molten mass of earth is called

(A) Magnous

(B) Magna

(C) Hot cake

(D) Magmus

31. Geothermal energy reservoirs are

(A) Liquid dominated reservoirs

(B) Steam dominated reservoirs

(C) Hot rocks with no water

(D) All of the above

32. The imaginary line of the earth՚s surface that closely follows the 180-degree Meridian is?

(A) Tropic of Cancer

(B) International Date Line

(C) Equator

(D) Prime Meriden

33. The measures of dispersion can never be

(A) Positive

(B) Zero

(C) Negative

(D) Equal to 2

34. G. M. id defined only when

(A) All observations have-ire same sign and non is zero

(B) All observations have the different sign and non is zero

(C) All observations have the same sign and one is zero

(D) All observations have the different sign and one is zero