📣 Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Paper 1 12 November 2020 Evening Shift Part 1

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PART I General Paper

1. Successful communication inside the classroom depends upon

a) Detailed and long description of the topic

b) Describing the theme

c) Use of persuasive words and phrases

d) Clarity in explanations offered

e) Repetitive anecdotes

f) Unstructured delivery of message

Choose the correct option from those below:

1. a) , b) and c) only

2. b) , c) and d) only

3. e) , d) and e) only

4. d) , e) and f) only

Answer: 2

Q. 2 A university teacher conducts research study where lecture-cum demonstration method is used to assess the effect on students՚ level of participation in terms of the socio-economic status (SES) of their family and its habitat. Which variable in this study will be called an independent variable?

1. Lecture-cum demonstration method

2. Students level of participation

3. SES of their family

4. Habitat of the family

Answer: 1

3. In the following statements, identify those which are related to characteristics and basic requirements of teaching at the understanding level

a) Teaching stresses recitations of facts and information

b) Teaching becomes an activity to promote seeing of relationships among facts and information

c) The teacher expects that students will be able to translate and interpret the meanings in their own words

d) The teacher insists on recall and recognition of facts presented

e) The teacher gives a large number of examples to being home the main ideas

Select the correct answer from the following options

1. a) , b) and c) only

2. c) , d) and e) only

3. a) , d) and e) only

4. b) , c) and e) only

Answer: 4

4. If UGCNET = 35, then CSIRNET =





Answer: 3

Q. 5 The missing letters in the given letter series are:

BCE, CDG, DEI, ________, FGM

1. EFK

2. EGJ

3. EFH

4. EGH

Answer: 1

Q. 6 For organizing effective teaching-learning systems in colleges which of the following instructional strategies may be considered appropriate?

a) Replacing lecture work by computer-aided instruction

b) Attuning teaching in terms of can do/will do analysis in respect of students՚ readiness levels

c) Introduction of biometric based attendance in the class

c) Diversifying teaching methods in terms of learners՚ needs

d) Involving students, giving responsibility and recognizing the accomplishments

Choose the correct answer from the options given below

1. b) , d) and e) only

2. a) , b) and c) only

3. b) , c) and d) only

4. e) , d) and e) only

Answer: 1

7. Which of the following is correct about the sentence, “Some men are not married” ?

1. The subject is distributed

2. The predicate is distributed

3. Both subject and predicate are distributed

4. Neither subject or predicate is distributed

Answer: 2

Q. 8 Which of the following are the learner related factors in determining effectiveness of teaching?

a) Task relevant competencies of learners

b) Content mastery of the teacher

c) Choice of teaching methods

d) Composition of the class room

d) Readiness level of student.

Choose the correct answer from the options below

1. b) and c) only

2. a) and e) only

3. d) and e) only

4. b) and e) only

Answer: 2

9. In the two sets which follow. Set I gives certain terms used in research while Set II offers their description. Match the two sets

In the Two Sets Which Follow. Set I Gives Certain Terms Used in Research While Set II Offers Their Description
Set ISet II
(Terms used in research)(Description)
a) A postulatei) It causes obtained results to vary in a particular direction
b) A constructii) It is something which can change either quantitatively or qualitatively
c) Variableiii) It is the statement of the principle assumed, in the absence of direct evidence
d) Systematic erroriv) Though not directly observable, is considered to exist

Select the correct answer from the following options:

1. a) -i) , b) -ii) , c) -iii) , d) -iv)

2. a) -iii) , b) -iv) , c) -ii) , d) -i)

3. a) -ii) , b) -i) , c) -iii) , d) -iv)

4. a) -iv) , b) -iii) , c) -i) , d) -ii)

Answer: 2

Q. 10 In which research design, the independent variable is ‘selected’ rather than ‘manipulated’ ?

1. Experimental research design

2. Historical research design

3. Ex-post-facto research design

4. Descriptive survey research design

Answer: 3