📣 Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Paper 1 12 November 2020 Morning Shift Part 2

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Q. 20 63 % of employees in a company are female. If the number of male employees is 111, then the total number of employees is





Q. 21 Find the missing letters in the series:

BCA, YZX, EFD, ________, HIG

1. UVW

2. VWU

3. WVU

4. VUW

Q. 22 Which sentence cannot lit into the AEIO framework?

1. No salt has iodine

2. The salt on the table has iodine

3. All salt has iodine

4. Some salt has iodine

Q. 23 Which of the following potential factors affecting teaching are related to instructional facilities and learning environment?

i) Praise and encouragement by teachers

ii) Non availability of textbooks reading materials for use

iii) Proactive moves in the interactive processes

iv) Shortage of highly qualified teachers

v) Availability of smart classes

Choose the correct answer from the following options:

1. i) , ii) and iii)

2. ii) , iii) and v)

3. i) , iv) and v)

4. iii) , iv) and v)

Q. 24 Which of the following shows the correct sequence in undertaking Action Research based studies?

1. Planning, Acting on the plan, Observing and Reflecting

2. Acting on the plan, Observing, Planning and Reflecting

3. Reflecting, Planning, Acting on the plan and Observing

4. Acting on the plan, Reflecting, Planning and Observing



Data in respect of Demand and Production of Computers of five companies. A- E are shown in the figure. Based on the data, answer questions that follow

Demand and Production of Computers of Five Companies

26. The difference between average demand and average production of computers of all companies combined together is





Q. 27 The demand of computers of Company D is more than that of the demand of the computers of Company B by

1.1. 5 times

2.2 times

3.2. 5 times

4.3 times

Q. 28 Which company has minimum demand to production ratio?

1. B

2. C

3. D

4. E

Q. 29 The ratio of the number of companies having more production than demand to that of companies having more demand than production is

1.3: 2

2.1: 4

3.4: 1

4.2: 3

Q. 30 The demand for computers is less than the production of computers in how many companies?





Q. 31 Which of the following statements represents mangrove characteristics as a safety hedge?

1. The mangrove trees are tall with dense canopies

2. The mangrove trees provide both food and medicines

3. The mangrove swamps separate the human settlement from the sea

4. The mangrove trees protect vulnerable coastlines as they hold soil together

Q. 32 In the context of value education, which of the following stages will be considered a relatively advanced stage?

1. Value collection through imitation

2. Value assessment through inner evaluation

3. Value clarification through exposure

4. Value consolidation through integration

Q. 33 The ancient Indian University famous for specialized study in ‘Hinayana’ was

1. Nadia University

2. Nalanda University

3. Vadlabhi University

4. Vikramsila University