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Q-1 From the list given below identify these statements which relate to the characteristics of a teaching act. Select from the code to indicate your answer.

  1. Teaching is a personal act to facilitate self development.
  2. The goal of all teaching is to cause learning.
  3. Teaching invariably implies changing the opinion of others.
  4. Teaching is triadic rather than dyadic in nature.
  5. Teaching means selling ideas.
  6. Teaching means reaching the mind of students.


  1. (c) , (d) and (e)
  2. (a) , (b) and (c)
  3. (b) , (d) and (f)
  4. (f) , (e) and (d)

Q-2 Below are given a few key terms. Identify these which denote qualitative research paradigm.

  1. Ex post facto method.
  2. Ethnography
  3. Symbolic interaction
  4. Descriptive survey
  5. Narrative
  6. Experimental and method


  1. (d) , (e) and (f)
  2. (a) , (b) and (f)
  3. (b) , (c) and (e)
  4. (a) , (b) and (c)

Q-3 For promoting competence and excellence in and through education, which of the needs of Maslow՚s hierarchy has to be addressed?


  1. Need for love and belongingness
  2. Need for self esteem
  3. Need for self – actualization
  4. Safety needs

Q-4 A researcher plans to study the effect of socio-economic status of parents on the school drop-out rate in a district. What type of research will it be?


  1. Ethnographic research
  2. Experimental hypothesis testing research
  3. Non experimental hypothesis testing research
  4. Hypothesis formulating research

Q-5 Which of the following are hindering factors in effective teaching? Select from the code to give you answer.

  1. Teacher՚s self-efficacy.
  2. Teacher՚s subject knowledge.
  3. Low ability and willingness level of teacher,
  4. Lack of planning and teaching skills in a teacher.
  5. Teacher՚s mastery of linguistic skills.
  6. Inappropriate body language of the teacher.


  1. (b) , (c) and (d)
  2. (c) , (d) and (f)
  3. (a) , (c) and (f)
  4. (a) , (e) and (c)

Q-6 In which type of research, the steps of research have to be cyclic?


  1. Action research
  2. Experimental research
  3. Grounded theory research
  4. Case study research

Q-7 In the following list identify these statements which are indicative of helping behavior of effective teaching. Select from the code to give your answer.

  1. Instructional variety marked by multiple devices used.
  2. Using the ideas of students while making presentations.
  3. Student՚s success rate as evident in correctly understanding the assignments.
  4. Engagement in learning tasks.
  5. Teacher affect as manifest in relations with students.
  6. Probing to add and seek classifications of ideas.


  1. (a) , (b) and (c)
  2. (b) , (e) and (f)
  3. (b) , (c) and (d)
  4. (d) , (e) and (a)

Q-8 For which type of research, the action words – ‘Control, manipulate and observe’ are most relevant?


  1. Experimental research
  2. Historical Research
  3. Grounded theory approach based research
  4. Action research

Q-9 In the following characteristics of an evaluation procedure, identify those which describe formative assessment. Select from the code to indicate your answer.

  1. Evaluation is a post instructional event.
  2. Evaluation occurs during instruction.
  3. Evaluation is carried out by policy makers.
  4. Evaluation takes place periodically.
  5. The aim of evaluation is to improve the process of teaching.
  6. Evaluation is used on participation of students and teachers.


  1. (a) , (b) and (c)
  2. (b) , (e) and (f)
  3. (c) , (d) and (f)
  4. (b) , (c) and (d)

Q-10 A researcher while writing his/her thesis does not give the rationale underlying use of statistical techniques. This will be best described as a case of:


  1. Technical lapse
  2. Ethical misconduct
  3. An error of commission
  4. An error of omission


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions from 11 to 15.

Smart phones have grown in popularity over the last few years, and applications, or content, rest at the heart of this growth. Content has become more important than hardware and the quality of content is determined by creativity. Creativity emerges as seemingly disparate areas, such as education, industry, and culture. As a result, convergence of virtually all areas is receiving the spotlight today.

Convergence must also take place in the area of policy-making. Breaking down the walls between education and science and technology (S & T) universities and businesses and research and education, and convergence of these areas will bring about synergy and perhaps yield unexpected creative results. When education and S & T merge, one plus one can result in something greater than two. Convergence can take many forms; providing an education that develops divergent thinking and encourages creativity in students at an early age; developing human talents required by business by breaking down the barriers between universities and businesses, and sharing the assets of government funded research institutes with university students. These merges form the platforms for human creativity

A nation can only become a world leader in S & T when its scientists are cultivated and allowed to research to their heart՚s content.

Q-11 In the view of the author of this passage, what determines the quality of content?


  1. Areas of concern
  2. Prevailing traditions
  3. Areas of application
  4. Creativity and convergence factors.

Q-12 Unique results will flow owing to:


  1. Removing the hindering between research and education
  2. Policy-making
  3. Synergy
  4. Creative results of synergy

Q-13 On the basis of this passage, it can be stated that convergence is:


  1. A multifaceted interactive process
  2. A linear process developing in a sequential fashion
  3. An interactive process centred on various elements
  4. A simple additive process to enhance power

Q-14 According to the passage use of the smart phones has grown because of developments in:


  1. Researches
  2. Technologies
  3. Interest of people
  4. Need for applications

Q-15 Quality of research in a nation gets enhanced as a result of:


  1. Hardwork of the researchers
  2. Variety in researches
  3. Expert power of the researches
  4. Dedicated spirit of the researches

Q-16 In the sequence of numbers 2, 8, 24,64, 160, x, … , the term x is:


  1. 320
  2. 384
  3. 224
  4. 192

Q-17 In terms of the relationship indicated below, which word will correctly pair to replace the question mark (?) ?

Scrub: wash:: Sob: ________? ________


  1. Cry
  2. Sad
  3. Tease
  4. Water

Q-18 Which is an example of a correct deductive argument?


  1. No one got an ‘A’ grade on yesterday՚s test. Jatin wasn՚t in school yesterday. Jatin will make up the test today and get an ‘A’ grade.
  2. All human beings are the favor of world peace. Terrorists don՚t care about world peace. Terrorists bring about destruction.
  3. You have to be 16 years old to get a driver՚s license. Abhi will be 16 years old tomorrow. Therefore, Abhi can now buy a car.
  4. There are 24CDs on the top shelf of my bookcase and 14 on the lower shelf. There are no other CDs in my bookcase. Therefore there are 38 CDs in my bookcase.

Q-19 A man travelled 300km by train and 200km by taxi, and he completed this journey in 5 hours and 30 minutes. However, if he travels 260km by train and 240km by taxi, it will take 6 minutes more to complete the journey. The speed of the train is:


  1. 80 km/hour
  2. 100 km/hour
  3. 120 km/hour
  4. 110 km/hour

Q-20 a university teachers makes a very effective expository presentation in his/her class without caring for its effect on the student. This is an example of a/an:


  1. Linear Communication Model
  2. authoritarian Communication Model
  3. interactive Communication Model
  4. transactional Communication Model

Q-21 In a certain flight crew, the positions of the pilot, copilot and flight engineer are held by Mr. Ajit, Mr. Bhavesh and Mr. Chirag, though not necessarily in that order. The following statements are true for all the three:

  1. The copilot is the only child and earns the least.
  2. Chirag is married to Bhavesh՚s sister and earns more than the pilot

Who is the copilot?


  1. Chirag
  2. Either Ajit or Chirag
  3. Ajit
  4. Bhavesh

Q-22 In which model of communication ‘noises’ are introduced as an important variable?


  1. Transactional Model of Communication
  2. Participative Model of Communication
  3. Assertive Model of Communication
  4. Linear Model of Communication

Q-23 In a certain code, PLEADING is written as FMHCQMFB. How is SHOULDER written in that code?



Q-24 Below are given two sets. Set-I specifies the sensory modes while Set-II offers illustration of speech communication to go with them. Match the two sets and indicates your answer ny selecting the appropriate code.

Table Set-I Specifies the Sensory Modes While Set-II Offers Illustration of Speech Communication to Go with Them. Match the Two Sets and Indicates Your Answer Ny Selecting the Appropriate Code
Set-I (Sensory modes)Set-II (Illustrative speech)
  1. Sight mode
  • It leaves a bed taste in my mouth.
  • Hearing mode
  • I can՚t put my finger on the problem.
  • Touch mode
  • Something is fishy.
  • Smell mode
  • That looks good to me.
  • Taste mode
  • That sounds fine to me.


  1. (a) - (i) , (b) - (ii) , (c) - (iii) , (d) - (iv) , (e) - (v)
  2. (a) - (ii) , (b) - (iii) , (c) - (i) , (d) - (iv) , (e) - (v)
  3. (a) - (ii) , (b) - (iii) , (c) - (iv) , (d) - (v) , (e) - (i)
  4. (a) - (iv) , (b) - (v) , (c) - (ii) , (d) - (iii) , (e) - (i)

Q-25 In conveying, the some meanings, which of the following is incongruous?


  1. Beautiful
  2. Unique
  3. Rare
  4. Exceptional

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