📣 Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Paper-1 2nd December 2019 Evening Shift (Solutions|Explanations|Keys|Answers at Doorsteptutor. Com) Part 1

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1. Everyone is going to the party; you should go too. This inference commits which kind of fallacy?

  1. Ad Populum
  2. Equivocation
  3. Ad Verecundiam
  4. Ad Ignoration

2. The distinction between laukika and alaukika is made with reference to which one of the following pramanas?

  1. Anumana (Inference)
  2. Upamana (Comparison)
  3. Pratyaksa (Perception)
  4. Sabda (Verbal Testimony)

Read the following passage carefully and answer questions.

Intra-industry trade arises in order to take advantage of important economies of scale in production. That is, international competition forces each firm or plant in industrial countries to produce only one or at most a few, varieties and styles of the same product rather than many different verities and styles. This is crucial in keeping unit costs low. With few varieties and styles, more specialised and faster machinery can be developed for a continuous operation and a longer production run. The nation then imports other varieties and styles from other nations. Intra-industry trade benefits consumers because of the wider range of choices, i.e.. the greater variety of differentiated products, available at the lower prices made possible by economies of scale in production. Because of this, large welfare gains arise from the ability of consumers to greatly increase the variety of goods that they can purchase through trade. The importance of intra-industry trade became apparent when tariffs and other obstructions to the flow of trade among members of the European Union, or common market were removed in 1958. It was found that volume of trade surged but most of the increase involved the exchange of differentiated products within each broad industrial classification.

3. Lower Product price means

  1. Continued production run
  2. Absence of choice
  3. Increase in trade information exchange
  4. Increased consumer purchasing power

4. The impact of international competition on intra-industry trade can be seen in

  1. The availability of wide verities of products
  2. The limited varieties of the same product
  3. Adverse effect on industrial production
  4. Restrictive advantage of production

5. Development and use of specialised machinery will lead to

  1. More varieties of products.
  2. Decreased consumer welfare
  3. Import of varieties of product
  4. Hindered intra-industries trade

6. Mass production of a dew varieties of products will result in

  1. Low cost of unit
  2. Advantage to industrial economies of scale
  3. Benefits to the customers of important economies
  4. Increased cost of production

7. What was the consequence of removal of barriers to the flow of trade in European Union?

  1. Sluggish intra-industry trade
  2. Flow of uniform products
  3. Spurt in trade volume among member states
  4. Emphasis on differentiated products

8. Which of the following emphasized that education needs to be in an atmosphere of utmost intellectual rigour, seriousness of purpose and of freedom essential for innovation and creativity?

  1. National Policy on Education – 1968
  2. National Policy on Education – 1986
  3. NITI Aayog-Three Year Action Agenda (2017 - 18 to 2019 - 20)
  4. Draft National Education Policy-2019

9. In which category Cochin International Airport has been conferred the UN՚s Champion of the Earth Award?

  1. Policy Leadership
  2. Entrepreneurial Vision
  3. Science and Innovation
  4. Inspiration and Action

10. Identify the sustainable Development goals from the list given below:

  1. Zero Hunger
  2. Quality Education
  3. Universal Primary Education
  4. Clean Water and Sanitation
  5. Green Agriculture
  6. Climate Action

Select correct answer from the option given below:

  1. 1,2 , 3 and 4
  2. 2,3 , 4 and 5
  3. 3,4 , 5 and 1
  4. 1,2 , 4 and 6

11. The Montreal Protocol refers to:

  1. Cooperation among UN member countries to combat climate change
  2. Phasing out the consumption and production of ozone depleting substances
  3. Ensuring environmental sustainability
  4. Safeguarding societal quality of life worldwide

12. Some students are sincere is example of which preposition?

  1. Universal Affirmative
  2. Universal Negation
  3. Particular Affirmative
  4. Particular Negation

13. Which one of the following sequences correctly reflects the evolution of educational technology support in their education?

  1. Programmed learning material, text book support, online and modular material.
  2. Text book supplementation programmed learning material, modular material and online method.
  3. Modular material programmed learning online and text book supplementation.
  4. Online methods, modular material, text-book supplementation and programmed learning material.

14. From the list of learning outcomes indicated below, identify those which are said to be high level outcomes:

  1. Learning of facts and rules.
  2. Showing the ability to analyse and synthesize.
  3. Awareness, responding and valuing.
  4. Imitation, manipulation and precision.

Select correct answer from the options given below:

  1. 2,3 and 4
  2. 1,2 and 3
  3. 1,4 and 3
  4. None of the above

15. Apoorav is son of Madhu. Vinod is brother of Madhu՚s husband. How is Apoorav related to Vinod?

  1. Uncle
  2. Brother
  3. Nephew
  4. Cousin

16. Which of the following research is cyclic in nature?

  1. Fundamental research
  2. Applied research
  3. Action research
  4. Evaluation research