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NTA UGC NET Dec 2003 Paper I (Part 1 of 7)

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Note. This paper contains fifty multiple-choice questions, each question carrying two marks. Attempt all of them.

  1. Cause celebre. It is only the latest term to circulate with alarming regularity. Have cause, will espouse, happens to be the latest mantra of high society. The beautiful people may not know much about housing problems, encroachment etc. But will oppose slum demolitions. They may not know about the drought problems in Saurashtra, but will rant against the Sardar Sarovar project. In my opinion they are?
    1. anti-poor
    2. celebrities such as authors or movies stars
    3. by and large unaware of ground realities and only involved in a cause for the sake of doing so.
    4. by and large aware of the situation at ground zero but not of the ramifications of supporting a particular cause.

    Answer: c

  2. The former soviet union built up the world՚s largest standing army. Its military industrial complex fabricated a whopping 45,000 nuclear warheads at the height of the cold war its sphere of influence extended from Vietnam to cuba. Yet the soviet structure was challenged from within or without considering history as we it, which of the following statements would give credence to the above view.
    1. the soviet union was too large to govern.
    2. despite the soviet union՚s military might, it failed to raise the standard of living of its citizens thereby fuelling economic and more dangerously political discontent of the system.
    3. The soviet union was not strong militarily with respect to the other major power of the world.
    4. The system of governance in the soviet union was non-sustainable.

    Answer: b

  3. The Hizb-ul-Mujahideen has just declared a three-month long cease fire. The news has come as a pleasant surprise for pundits who have long been predicting that since it has already been a decade of full-scale militancy, Kashmir, like Punjab would too turn the corner. Which of the follwing examples follows a similar logic.
    1. Lawyer-I have won a lot of cases, but of late certain hostile judges have sullied my record.
    2. Cop-I have arrested a lot of people, but none have ever had political connections.
    3. Scientist-I have discovered 6 new plants in 6 months alone, so by the time I retire, I probably would have discovered many more.
    4. Aeronautical engineer-The prithvi missile was handed over to army after 3 successful test flights. Today we are about to test Agni-II for the third time and then we will hand it over to the army.

    Answer: d

  4. The glory days of hindi cinema are long over. Remember the time when movies such as Jagte Raho, Do Bigha Zameen, Mother India, Kaagaz ke Phool made animpact. Today, all that bollywood has to offer are muscle men and bimbos, teamed up for lewd songs! Which of the following if true would weaken the author՚s argument?
    1. All hindi movies churned out by bollywood today cannot be categorized as bad movies
    2. We get the movies we deserve.
    3. The examples which the author cites to prove his point are not reflective of all the movies of the putative glory days and muscle men and bimbos in lewd songs have always been a part of bollywood since its inception.
    4. The movies of today are more commercialized and have to cater to the lowest common denominator.

    Answer: a

  5. Mr. Jacob works for coffee plantation in Coorg. He gets paid ₹ 30 per hour subject to the fact that the beans are retrieved from at least 10 plants in the same time. Otherwise he gets paid ₹ 15 for the same duration. What does this say about Mr. Jacob or his company?
    1. Mr. Jacob is assured o a regular income till he retires.
    2. The company in question nas not adapted to the new market scenario that dictates that labour must be paid scle! y on the basis of productivity.
    3. Mr. Jacob does not meet his targets oflen.
    4. The company in question links a part of the wages it pays to the productivity of its


    Answer: d

  6. Richard Branson gets off a Virg in-Atlantic flight dressed in a Bhangra outfit. He reaks into a Jig with the local dancers at New Delhi՚s international airport (India) . He wan՚s to promote his air service to London and hence the “bhangra naach (bhar? gra dance) ” Branson does all! his because:
    1. he wants his airline to knock British Airways out of the picture
    2. because he knows that there if a large Sikh community which nnay want to use the service.
    3. to entice Indians into trying out his airline by “doing in Rome as the Romans do” principle
    4. by dancing his way into Indian hearts.

    Answer: c