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Q 59. Which one of the following correctly represents the metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas?

1. Metaphysics deals with subtle material entities

2. Metaphysics essentially deals with universals

3. Particular objects are totally separate from universals

4. Universals can completely explain the world

Q 60. If in a square of oppositions, “I” is given as True, then which one of the following can be inferred correctly?

1. A is true, E and O are Undetermined

2. A is false, E is true, O is true

3. E is false, A and O are undetermined

4. O is true, A and E are undetermined

Q 61. For whom among the following the way to study philosophy is to study consciousness?1. Heidegger

2. Husserl

3. Gadamer

4. Richard Rorty

Q 62. Which one of the following is not a level of knowledge according to Plato?

1. Rational insight

2. Conjecture

3. Belief

4. Conviction

Q 63. According to Kautilya, a Janapada should be free from?

1. Satrudvesi (hostility to foe)

2. Karmasila karskah (hardworking peasants)

3. Bhakta such Manushya (pure hearted citizens)

4. Pramada (apathy)

Q 64. Which one of the following statements is false in the context of St. Augustine?

1. The only knowledge worth having is that of God and self

2. Non-Spiritual knowledge has instrumental value alone

3. Faith should be grounded in rationality

4. Rationality should stand independently

Q 65. Choose the correct code implication of the following statements from the codes given below;

“One cannot step into the same river”

Code: 1. everything is fixed

2. Everything is illusionary

3. Everything is flux

4. Everything is real

Q 66. “The later development of Western Philosophy after Plato is just a footnote to Plato” Who among the following maintains this view?

1. Bertrand Russell

2. A.N Whitehead

3. J.H Muirhead

4. A.J Ayer

Q 67. The main objective of Husserl’s Philosophy as a rigorous science is;

1. To develop a new and more fundamental phenomenology

2. To develop a method of exact science

3. Not to discover a region of apodictic evidence

4. Not to discover the immediate presence of consciousness to the given data

Q 68. Consider the following in the context of Vedic philosophy:


a. Rsirna can be paid off by Brahmacharya

b. Devarna can be paid off by Yajna

c. Rta regulates the solar system

d. The Rtvik of Samaveda is called Hota

Select the correct code that represents only correct assertions:

1. a b c d

2. a b c

3. b c d

4. a b d

Q 69. Which statement is not true with reference to Jeremy Bentham’s ethical theory?

1. It gives greatest importance to happiness

2. It gives due importance to traditional morality

3. Greatest happiness for the greatest number of people in the highest moral value

4. It presents a hedonic calculus

Q 70. Which one of the following is not a propositional function?

1. s is philosopher (where s stands for individual constant)




Q 71. Consider the following statements with reference to epistemological position and mark the correct code;

a. Logical empiricism admits analytic necessary evidence

b. Empiricism admits synthetic evidence

c. Rationalism admits synthetic necessary evidence


1. Only a and c

2. Only b and c

3. All a, b and c

4. Only a and b

Q 72. Consider the following statements related to Kant’s moral theory;

a. moral actions must be undertaken only out of sense of duty

b. consequences of moral actions must be good

c. good-will alone is good by itself

d. happiness is an important consequence of moral actions


1. a and b are true

2. c and d are true

3. a and c are true

4. b and d are true

Q 73. What indicates the perfection of Dhyana according to Yoga-sutra?

1. Not harming any living being

2. Leading a spiritual life

3. Violent creatures giving up their violent nature

4. Perfect peace of mind

Q 74. Which one of the following statements support Ethical Realism?

1. The world has objective reality

2. Morality is a matter of personal beliefs

3. All our activities have a necessary moral aspect

4. Moral values have a reality of their own kind

Q 75. Given below are two statements- assertion and reason, in the light of medieval philosophy pick the correct code:

Assertion: The very idea of God implies his existence

Reason: Predicating existence of anything adds nothing to the idea of the thing


1. A and R are both true and R is not the correct explanation of A

2. A is true but R is false

3. A is false but R is true

4. A and R are both true and R is the correct explanation of A

Q 76. Which one of the following pair is central to Heraclitus?

1. Body and mind

2. God and world

3. Form and matter

4. Permanence and change

Q 77. The metaphor of Zeno, “Achilles and Tortoise” is intended to assert that

1. Motion is fundamental

2. Permanence is fundamental

3. Both motion and permanence are fundamental

4. Neither motion nor permanence are fundamental

Q 78. “I alone exist because I cannot know a world beyond myself and my ideas” This philosophical position is the claim of?

1. Skepticism

2. Relativism

3. Solipsism

4. Subjectivism