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97. The paragraph above could be considered as a good argument against

I. The possibility of cognition

II. Possibilities of justification of a piece of cognition

III. Illuminative character of knowledge

IV. Possibilities of absolute foundations of knowledge


1. I and II

2. I and III

3. II and IV

4. II and III

98. What follows from svatah pramanyata of knowledge?

1. Cognition turns into awareness through another act of awareness

2. Awareness of cognition is a matter of inference

3. Cognition comes along with the awareness by the very nature of its being

4. Awareness of cognition is always a second order activity

99. Which of the following is the counterpart of the infinite regress in Indian philosophy?

1. Cakraka dosa

2. Anavastha dosa

3. Anyonya asraya dosa

4. Atmasraya dosa

100. What cannot be reasonably taken to follow from the given passage?

1. All awareness is self-awareness according to Mimamsa and Vedanta

2. Things are devoid of existence

3. There can be no ultimate justification for any knowledge claim

4. Reflexivity is an ineluctable part of any awareness.

End Passage