Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Philosophy 4th December 2019 Evening Shift (Solutions|Explanations|Keys|Answers at doorsteptutor. Com) Part 7

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60. Match the lists;

List I

a. Hota

b. Udgata

c. Adhvaryu

d. Brahma

List II

i. Who sings the hymns in sweet musical tones

ii. Who addresses hymns in praise of the gods

iii. Who is the general supervisor, well versed in all the vedas

iv. Who performs the sacrifice according to the strict ritualistic codes


1. ii, i, iv, iii

2. i, ii, iii, iv

3. ii, iv, i, iii

4. iv, iii, ii, i

61. Who amongst the following have said that, “ My religion teaches me that whenever there is distress which cannot be removed one must fast and pray.”

1. Vivekananda

2. Gandhi

3. Tagore

4. Radhakrishnan

62. Which of the following is not true of Will Kymlicka’s views regarding multiculturalism?

1. He advocates a theory of mirror representation

2. He seeks to replace the individualistic model of representation by model of group representation

3. A group should be represented in proportion to its numbers in the population at large

4. The groups cannot refuse the provisions of their separate representation

63. Match the sets

Set I

a. Dehatmavada

b. Atmadehaparinamavada

c. Nairatmyavada

d. Nitya-atmavada

Set II

i. Vaiseiska

ii. Jain

iii. Bauddha

iv. Carvaka


1. i, ii, iii, iv

2. iv, ii, iii, i

3. iv, i, ii, iii

4. ii, iii, iv, i

64. According to the traditional square of opposition if E is given as false then

1. I is false, A is undetermined and O is false

2. I is false, A is undetermined and O is undetermined

3. I is true and A is true and O is undetermined

4. I is true, A is undetermined and O is undetermined

65. Which one of the following is not a category of Understanding as per Kant

1. Unity

2. Limitation

3. Affirmation

4. Cause and effect

66. Which one of the following is not included in Vedatrayi?

1. Rgveda

2. Yajurveda

3. Atharvaveda

4. Samaveda

67. Anumana according to Carvaka cannot be a pramana because

1. It is always incorrect

2. It is sometimes incorrect

3. It is dependent on pratyaksha

4. Vyapti cannot be established

68. Which one of the following books is authored by Berkeley

1. Enquiry concerning the Human understanding

2. Principles of Human knowledge

3. Essay concerning Human understanding

4. Phenomenology of spirit

69. Beetle in a box, this analogy presented by Wittgenstein in his Philosophical Investigation pertains to

1. Fideism

2. Notion of Philosophy

3. The picture theory

4. Critique of Private Language