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Q.59. Which of the following two statements regarding World Trade Organisation are correct?

(1) It is only international organization dealing with global trade rules between nations

(2) It was established in 1996

(3) Its Headquarters is in Geneva

(4) It employs some 680 staff

Choose the correct options:

a) (1) and (2)

b) (1) and (3)

c) (3) and (4)

d) (1) and (4)

Q.60. Which one of the following is incorrect statement?

a) Globalization means internationalization of economy

b) Globalization gives emphasis on market economy

c) Globalization gives rise to international institutions to supervise economy

d) Globalization tends to perpetuate parochial culture

Q.61. Match the following:

Match the following



(1) Two Factor Theory

(i) McClelland

(2) Hierarchy of needs theory

(ii) McGregor

(3) Theory of needs

(iii) Maslow

(4) Theory X and Y

(iv) Herzberg

Choose the correct answer from below:

a) (1)-(ii), (2)-(iv), (3)-(iii), (4)-(i)

b) (1)-(iii), (2)-(iv), (3)-(ii), (4)-(i)

c) (1)-(iv), (2)-(i), (3)-(iii), (4)-(ii)

d) (1)-(iv), (2)-(iii), (3)-(i), (4)-(ii)

Q.62. Which of the following two statements are correct regarding Preamble of Indian Constitution?

(1) Justice-social, economic and political

(2) Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship

(3) Equality of status, character and of opportunity

(4) Fraternity assuring the dignity and respect of the individual

Choose the correct option:

a) (1) and (3)

b) (1) and (4)

c) (3) and (4)

d) (1) and (2)

Q.63. Match List I with List II:

Match list 1 with list 2

List I

List II



(1) Mary Wollstonecraft

(i) The Wretched of the Earth

(2) Gramsci

(ii) Political Liberalism

(3) Frantz Fanon

(iii) Vindication of the Rights of Women

(4) John Rawls

(iv) The Prison Notebook

Choose the correct answer from below:

a) (1)-(iii), (2)-(ii), (3)-(iv), (4)-(i)

b) (1)-(iii), (2)-(iv), (3)-(i), (4)-(ii)

c) (1)-(ii), (2)-(iii), (3)-(iv), (4)-(i)

d) (1)-(i), (2)-(ii), (3)-(iii), (4)-(iv)

Q.64. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides power to the President to promulgate ordinances?

a) Article 123

b) Article 221

c) Article 222

d) Article 223

Q.65. Which one of the following are the arguments for women’s equality?

(1) Inferiority of women to men is socially constructed and has no legal justification

(2) Non-application of the principles of liberty and equality to the conditions of women is paradoxical

(3) Women are naturally inferior to men

(4) Women’s inequality survived because it was justifiable

Choose the correct option from below:

a) (1), (2) and (3)

b) (1), (2), (3) and (4)

c) (1) and (2)

d) (3) and (4)

Q.66. The term “Sanskritization” was coined by

a) M.N. Srinivas

b) M.S. Golwalker

c) S.P. Mukherjee

d) Andre Beteille

Q.67. When was Jaiprakash Narayan awarded Bharat Ratna?

a) 1999

b) 1998

c) 1997

d) 1996