šŸ“£ Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

NTA NET Population Studies December 2019 Questions and Answers Part 2

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Q17. Which of the following is not a basis to introduce ā€œHealth and Wellness Centersā€ under Ayushman Bharat Yojana?

a) Selective ā€˜Primary Health careā€™ approach in the past

b) Rising cost of care on the account of chronic diseases

c) Need of ā€œComprehensive Primary Heath Careā€ approach

d) Focus on ā€œReproductive and Child Healthā€ no more require

Q18. Who among the following have popularized the concept of ā€œSocial remittancesā€ ?

a) Alejandro Portess

b) David Bloom

c) Peggy Levitt

d) Oded Stark

Q19. Which of the following agencies provides district level population projections in public domain?

a) Office of the registrar general of India

b) Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt of India


d) No agency provides data on projected district population

Q20. What is the annual permissible concentration of PM10 in the air?

a) /

b) /

c) /

d) /

Q21. Incidence and Prevalence rate of cancer for the year 2019 have been calculated for a territory, which of the following statement is correct?

a) Numerator of incidence rate Numerator of Prevalence rate

b) Numerator of incidence rate Numerator of Prevalence rate

c) Numerator of incidence rate Numerator of Prevalence rate

d) Nothing can be said the relationship

Q22. Using life table terms of etc. match the term shown in List-I with the expression shown in List-II.

Match the Term Shown in List-I with the Expression Shown in List-II
i) Survival rate from age x to a)
ii) Age- specific death rate for age x to b)
iii) Probability of death in ages x to c)
iv) Population in the beginning to age d)

1) i-d, ii-a, iii- c, iv-b

2) i-c, ii-b, iii- d, iv-a

3) i-a, ii-c, iii- d, iv-b

4) i-d, ii-c, iii- a, iv-b

Q23. Which of the following relationship between the Annual Geometric Growth Rate (AGGR) and Annual Exponential Growth rate is true?




d) Relationship may vary from one data set to another

Q24. Which among the following best describes the cause of distress migration?

a) Ethnic atrocities

b) Better job

c) Higher education

d) Marriage

Q25. Match various committees given in List-I with their recommendations given in List-II.

Match Various Committees Given in List-I with Their Recommendations Given in List-II
i) Bhore committeea) Integration of curative and preventive services
ii) Chadha committeeb) Multipurpose health workers scheme
iii) Mudaliar committeec) Extensive education for all National Health Programmes
iv) Kartar singh committeed) Setting up three tier system of health care

1) i-d, ii-a, iii-c, iv-b

2) i-d, ii-c, iii-a, iv-b

3) i-a, ii-c, iii-b, iv-d

4) i-a, ii-c, iii-d, iv-b

Q26. Achievement of Replacement level fertility will lead to:

i) TFR = 2.1

ii) NRR = 1.0

iii) Population Stabilization

iv) Zero rate of population growth

Choose the one which is most appropriate in the long run of about 50 years in India:

1) (i) , (ii)

2) (i) , (ii) , (iii)

3) (i) , (ii) , (iv)

4) (i) , (ii) , (iii) , (iv)

Q27. Match the standard deviation given in List-I with % of observations lying either side of mean under ā€˜normal distributionā€™ given in List-II

Match the Standard Deviation Given in List-I with % of Observations Lying Either Side of Mean under ā€˜Normal Distributionā€™ Given in List-II
I. One standard deviation of either side of meana) 99.99
II. Two standard deviation of either side of meanb) 99.74
III. Three standard deviation of either side of meanc) 95.45
IV. Four standard deviation of either side of meand) 68.27

Choose the correct option:

1) i-d, ii-a, iii-c, iv- b

2) i-c, ii- b, iii- d, iv- a

3) i-a, ii-c, iii- d, iv- b

4) i-d, ii-c, iii-b, iv-a

Q28. As per the SRS 2017 data, which one of the following combination of states is arranged in descending order (higher to lower) in their TFR?

a) Gujarat, Odisha, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

b) Gujarat, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Kerala

c) Assam, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand

d) Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh

Q29. In order to project population of India for the year 2031, which of the following combination of components will be used?

i) Population of India as per 2011 census

ii) Fertility

iii) Mortality

iv) Migration in different decades

Choose the correct option:

1) (i) and (iii) only

2) (i) and (ii) only

3) (i) , (ii) and (iii) only

4) (i) , (ii) , (iii) and (iv)

Q30. During which of the following year National Health Policy (NHP) was not introduced?

a) 1983

b) 2000

c) 2002

d) 2017

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