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General Studies: Important for Exam: Psychology Paper 1 Part 3

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Q. A research problem is feasible only w hen

(A) It is researchable

(B) It has some utility

(C) It is new

(D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. One of the essential characteristics of research is

(A) Sensitivity

(B) Generalizability

(C) Usability

(D) Replicability

Answer: C

Q. Identify the main Principle on which the Parliamentary System operates.

(A) Responsibility of Executive to Legislature

(B) Supremacy of Parliament

(C) Supremacy of Judiciary

(D) Theory of Separation of power

Answer: A

Q. The reservation of seats for women in the Panchayat Raj Institutions is:

(A) 30 % of the total seats

(B) 33 % of the total seats

(C) 33 % of the total population

(D) None

Answer: D

Q. Match list I with list II and select the correct from the code given below:

Match List I with List II and Select the Correct from the Code Given Below
List I (Institutions)List II (Locations)
1. Indian Veterinary Research Institutei. Pune
2. Institute of Armament Technologyii. Izat Nagar
3. Indian Institute of Scienceiii. Delhi
4. National Institute for Educational Pannesi and Administratorsvi. Bangalore

(A) 1-ii, 2-i, 3-iv, 4-iii

(B) 1-ii, 2-iv, 3-ii, 4-iii

(C) 1-ii, 2-iii, 3-I, 4-iv

(D) 1-iv, 2-iii, 3-ii, 4-i

Answer: A

Q. Who was chairman of the UGC committee 1969 appointed for administrative legislation of the universities?

(A) . Dr. Zakir Hussain

(B) Dr. P B Gajendragadkar

(C) Dr. L S Mudaliar

(D) Dr. Radha Krishnan

Answer: B

Q. UGC has launched career-oriented program in

(A) 1964 - 65

(B) 1994 - 95

(C) 1997 - 98

(D) 1980 - 81

Answer: B

Q. The prime minister of India is appointed from ________

(A) The leading Party in Lok Sabha

(B) The Leading Party in Rajya Sabha

(C) The leading party in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha combined

(D) None of the above

Answer: A

Q. The study of interrelations between Organism and their environment is called________

(A) Biosphere

(B) Ecology

(C) Synecology

(D) Autecology

Answer: B

Q. The term ICT is now also used to refer to the convergence of

(A) Audio visual

(B) Telephone network

(C) Both (a) and (b)

(D) None

Answer: C

Q. Which was the first National Park established in India?

(A) Anshi National Park

(B) Gir National Park

(C) Kanha National Park

(D) Jim Corbett National Park

Answer: D

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