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General Studies: Important for Exam: Psychology Paper 1 Part 4

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Q. Fossil Fuels include

(A) Oil

(B) Natural Gas

(C) Coal

(D) All of the above

Answer: D

Q. Noise in excess of ________ is called noise pollution

(A) 40 - 65 db

(B) 60 - 70 db

(C) 80 - 100 db

(D) None of the above

Answer: C

Q. Effectiveness of teaching depends on ________

(A) Handwriting of Teacher

(B) Speaking ability of Teacher

(C) Qualification of the Teacher

(D) Subject Understanding of the Teacher

Answer: D

Q. Verbal Guidance is least effective in the learning of ________

(A) Aptitudes

(B) Skills

(C) Attitudes

(D) Relationship

Answer: D

Q. The participation of students will be maximum if ________ method is used for teaching.

(A) Text Books

(B) Discussion Method

(C) Conference Method

(D) Lectures

Answer: B

Q. The primary responsibility of the teacher՚s adjustment lies w ith

(A) The Students

(B) The Principal

(C) The Community

(D) The Teacher himself

Answer: D

Q. The First Kindergarten was started by

(A) William James

(B) A D Clinton

(C) Freidrich Forebel

(D) J H Hills

Answer: C

Q. In following questions, number series is given. One of the numbers in each series is wrong. After searching wrong number find the correct number in its place.

510, 254, 126, 64,30, 14,6

(A) 252

(B) 62

(C) 130

(D) 9

Answer: A

Q. Which reasoning determines whether the truth of a conclusion can be determined for that rule, based solely on the truth of the premises?

(A) Deductive

(B) Inductive

(C) Abductive

(D) All

Answer: A

Q. In the following question assuming the given statements to be true, find out which of the two assumptions I and II given below them is/are definitely true give answer as.


The State government has decided to appoint four thousand primary school teachers during the next financial year.


I. There are enough schools in the state to accommodate four thousand additional primary school teachers.

II. The eligible candidates may not be interested to apply as the government may not finally appoint such a large number of primary school teachers.

(A) Only assumption I is implicit

(B) Only assumption II is implicit

(C) Either I or II is implicit

(D) Neither I nor II is implicit

(E) Both I and II are implicit

Answer: D

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