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General Studies: Important for Exam: Psychology Paper 2 Part 2

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12. Vector refers to those psychological forces that influence the person to the extent that he moves in:

(A) Different directions

(B) Negative direction

(C) Positive direction

(D) A particular direction

Answer: D

13. The system of Ego Brunswik is popularly known as:

(A) Field theory

(B) Instinct theory

(C) Purposive behaviourism

(D) Probabilistic functionalism

Answer: A

14. In Lew in՚s topological system emphasis was placed upon the study of “life space” which includes:

(A) Person and Psychological environment

(B) Society and group

(C) Person and group

(D) Environment and group

Answer: A

15. Who has considered instincts as “release mechanism or just easily exploding containers of energy” .

(A) Mc Dougall

(B) J. B. Watson

(C) E. C. Tolman

(D) J, S. Mill

Answer: A

16. A child has two alleles of every gene in his body, one from his mother and one from his father if the alleles from both parents differ, he said to be:

(A) Heterozygous

(B) Homozygous

(C) An identical two in

(D) A Fraternal two in

Answer: A

17. The ability to perceive and understand a situation or incident from another person՚s point of view is called:

(A) Projection

(B) Social Foresight

(C) Imagination

(D) Illusion

Answer: B

18. Prior to Mendel՚s work, it was thought that heredity was transmitted from parents to offsprings by:

(A) Humour

(B) Enzyme

(C) Phlegm

(D) Blood

Answer: D

19. Perception without sensory stimulus is called:

(A) Illusion

(B) Hallucination

(C) Phenomenon

(D) Perceptual constancy

Answer: B

20. “It is not a different process; it is just attention to irrelevant stimuli that are not a part of the main assigned task” then what it is:

(A) Distraction

(B) Span of attention

(C) Shifting of attention

(D) Division of attention

Answer: A

21. “The individual may try to be the self his mother expects, the self his father expects, the self-other people expect, the real self he thinks he should be conflicts among these sub selves may make choices and decisions both difficult and anxiety amusing and vacillation in decision and various neurotic manifestations” Which type of conflict Coleman (1981) Explains through the above example:

(A) Approach-Avoidance conflict

(B) Approach-Approach conflict

(C) Intrapsychic conflict

(D) Double Approach-Avoidance conflict

Answer: C

22. Who has classified conflicts into three different types from the topological point of view such as Approach-Avoidance, Approach-Approach and avoidance-avoidance:

(A) Kurt Lewin

(B) Sigmund Freud

(C) Alfred Adler

(D) Eric Fromm

Answer: A

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