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General Studies: Important for Exam: Psychology Paper 3 Part 3

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25. Bem՚s theory of self-perception provides the best explanation when behaviour is only slightly discrepant from

(A) Existing attitudes

(B) Future attitudes

(C) Positive attitudes

(D) Negative attitudes

Answer: A

26. According to Sears, it is through dependence that the process of

(A) Identification develops

(B) Projection develops

(C) Substitution develops

(D) Learning develops

Answer: A

27. Out of the follow ing which is not a theory of illusion

(A) The eye-movement theory

(B) The Empathy theory

(C) The Confusion theory

(D) Volley theory

Answer: D

28. Dreams represent demands or wishes stemming from the

(A) Unconscious

(B) Conscious

(C) Preconscious

(D) Death Instinct

Answer: A

29. Chronic conflict within the child is said to be the main cause of

(A) Ensuresis

(B) Psychosis

(C) Neurosis

(D) Epilepsy

Answer: A

30. As the frequency (number of cycles per second) decreases, the pitch of sound

(A) Decreases

(B) Increases

(C) Remains same

(D) Cannot be said

Answer: A

31. As motivation is closely related to effort, the emotion is related to

(A) Arousal

(B) Instinct

(C) Displacement behaviour

(D) Conflict

Answer: A

32. In programmed learning, the materials are arranged in terms of

(A) Graded difficulty level

(B) Graded discrimination level

(C) Graded duration level

(D) Graded distraction level

Answer: A

33. Which drive, according to Freud sub serves the organic needs of nutrition and self-preservation?

(A) Unconscious drive

(B) Superego drive

(C) Ego drive

(D) Conscious drive

Answer: C

34. Suppose in a hypothetical study, the experimental group made a score of 100 while the performance of the control group on the same transfer task was 80, what is the percentage of transfer?

(A) 60

(B) 50

(C) 75

(D) 25

Answer: D

35. Gestalt Psychologists held that learning occurs by

(A) Trial and Error

(B) Insight

(C) Intuition

(D) Imitation

Answer: B

36. The persons suffering from migraine headache generally bear

(A) Inflexible Personality

(B) Flexible Personality

(C) Dynamic Personality

(D) Static Personality

Answer: A

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