Paper 3 has been removed from NET from 2018 (Notification)- now paper 2 and 3 syllabus is included in paper 2. Practice both paper 2 and 3 from past papers.

General Studies: Important for Exam: Psychology Paper 3 Part 7

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70. Animals w ith damage to the ________ hypothalamus would not eat or drink and eventually die of starvation unless given special care.

(A) Primary

(B) Lateral

(C) Ventromedial

(D) None of these

Answer: B

71. The 16 PF scale is based on the work of

(A) H. J. Eysenck

(B) Gordon Allport

(C) Sheldon

(D) R. B. Cattell

Answer: D

72. One w ay to assess personality is to match the pattern of a person՚s responses w ith patterns of answers given by groups of people w ith known characteristics. These tests have

(A) No validity

(B) Empirical validity

(C) Little validity

(D) Consistency

Answer: C

73. Cattell divides attitudes into two categories. They are

(A) Source and surface attitudes

(B) Traits and types

(C) Egos and sentiments

(D) Defence mechanism ms and coping mechanisms

Answer: C

74. To develop his theory, ________ used a kind of steam-shovel approach to personality assessment.

(A) Freud

(B) Eysenck

(C) Skinner

(D) None of these

Answer: B

75. Latin word ‘frustra’ , which means ________ is the source word for frustration.

(A) Collision of motives

(B) Higher order

(C) In vain

(D) Getting at the source

Answer: C

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