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NTA NET Public Administration December 2019 Higher Questions and Answers Part 4

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Q28 Which Article of the Indian Constitution relates to the appointment of a commission to investigate the condition of Backward Classes?

1. Article 335

2. Article 336

3. Article 339

4. Article 340

Answer: 4

Q29 The establishment of the institution of Lokpal was first recommended by which of the following?

1) K. Santhanam Committee

2) First Administrative Reforms Commission

3) Venkat Chelliah Commission

4) Sarkaria Commission

Answer: 2

Q30 Which of the following is the oldest and traditional form of Public Enterprises?

1) Departmental Undertaking

2) Public Corporation

3) Government Company

4) Holding Company

Answer: 1

Q31 Match the following institutions with the years of their constitution:

Match the Following Institutions with the Years of Their Constitution
a) NITI Aayog

b) Governing council of NITI Aayog

c) NITI Forum for North-East

d) Himalayan State Regional Council

i. November, 2018

ii. February, 2018

iii. January, 2015

iv. February, 2015

Choose the correct options:

1) (a) -iii (b) -iv (c) -ii (d) - i

2) (a) -ii (b) - i (c) - iii (d) -iv

3) (a) -i (b) -ii (c) - iv (d) - iii

4) (a) -iv (b) -iii (c) -i (d) - ii

Answer: 1

Q32 Which of the following Institution conducts the elections of Panchayati Raj Institutions?

1) Election Commission of India

2) State Election Commission

3) District Collector

4) Commissioner/Director of Panchayati Raj

Answer: 2

Q33 Which of the following Amendment sets the limit to two terms for the election of President of United States of America?

1) 21st Amendment

2) 22nd Amendment

3) 23rd Amendment

4) 24th Amendment

Answer: 2

Q34 Which one of the following was ‘Part C state’ at the time of adoption of Constitution?

1) Andaman Nicobar Island

2) Delhi

3) United Province of Agra and Oudh

4) Oudh

Answer: 2

Q35 Who have edited the book on ‘Papers on the Science of Administration’ ?

a) Henry Fayol

b) Luther Gullick

c) J. D. Mooney

d) Lyndall Urwick

Choose the correct option:

1. (a) and (d)

2. (a) and (c)

3. (c) and (b)

4. (b) and (d)

Answer: 4

Q36 Which one of the following thinkers coined the acronym- “POSDCORB” ?

1) Henry Fayol

2) Luther Gullick

3) L. D. White

4) Lyndall Urwick

Answer: 2

Q37 The concept of ‘Grapevine’ is associated with which of the following theory?

1) Communication

2) Motivation

3) Leadership

4) Decision Making

Answer: 1

Q38 Which one of the following commissions recommended ‘abolition of oath of secrecy’ administered to the Ministers?

1) M. M. Punchhi Commission

2) Sarkaria Commission

3) National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution

4) Second Administrative Reforms Commission

Answer: 4

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