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UGC Social Work 2017: Most Important Questions and Answers Part 3

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16. The formula

Number of female births × total fertility rate

Total number of births is used to calculate ________.

(1) general fertility rate (gfr)

(2) gross reproduction rate (grr)

(3) specific fertility rate (sfr)

(4) crude birth rate (cbr)

Answer: b

17. Which among the following is/are not a characteristic feature of a good leader?

i. Authoritarian approach.

ii. Distribution of responsibility

iii. Rapport with individual members

iv. Understanding group dynamics.


(1) i only

(2) i and iv only

(3) ii and iii only

(4) iv only

Answer: a

18. Which among the following titles of the acts are wrongly mentioned?

i. Child labor protection act

ii. Employees՚ family provident fund act

iii. Bonded labor rehabilitation act

iv. Employees՚ state insurance act.


(1) i and ii only

(2) ii and iii only

(3) iii and iv only

(4) i, ii and iii only

Answer: d

19. Which among the following statements is/are true in case of ‘violence against women’ ?

i. There is no specific section in the IPC to deal specifically with acid attacks.

ii. Honor killing is a death awarded to a woman or girl for marrying against the Wishes of her parents.

iii. Women are generally abused and attacked by men they know.

iv. the most important motives of abduction of women are sex and marriage.


(1) i, ii and iii only

(2) i, ii, iii and iv

(3) ii, iii and iv only

(4) iii and iv only

Answer: b

20. From the following stages of psychological development propounded by Erikson, find the Correct answer:

i. Play age – initiative v/s guilt

ii. School age – industry v/s inferiority

iii. Adolescence – autonomy v/s shame and doubt

iv. Young adulthood – intimacy v/s isolation


(1) i and ii

(2) ii and iii

(3) iii and iv

(4) i, ii and iv

Answer: d

26. While testing hypothesis, the following types of error may creep-in. Identify the correct


(1) Type I error – rejection of a null hypothesis when it is true and when it should not have been rejected.

(2) Type I error – acceptance of a null hypothesis when it is false.

(3) Type II error – acceptance of null hypothesis when it is true.

(4) Type II error – rejection of null hypothesis when it is false.

Answer: a

27. Who among the following is best associated with ‘rapid rural appraisal’ (rra) ?

(1) Britto G. a. a.

(2) Robert Chambers

(3) Fried Lander

(4) Luigi Cavestro

Answer: b

28. The advantages of Thurstone scale is

(1) the statements are precisely mentioned.

(2) the judges decide the importance of each statement.

(3) the statements are easy to prepare.

(4) all statements are of equal in weightage

Answer: b

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