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UGC Social Work 2017: Most Important Questions and Answers Part 7

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34. When the dependent variable is not free from the influence of extraneous variable (s) , this relationship between dependent and independent variables is known as:

(1) cause-effect relationship

(2) Confounded relationship

(3) Controlled relationship

(4) Uncontrolled relationship

Answer: b

35. Test used for comparing a sample variance to a theoretical population variance is known as

(1) Chi-square test

(2) z-test

(3) f-test

(4) t-test

Answer: a

36. Which one of the following is not the assumption in Karl Pearson՚s co-efficient of correlation?

(1) Existence of linear relationship between the two variables.

(2) Causal relationship between two variables.

(3) Operation of large number of independent causes in both variables to produce normal distribution.

(4) Existence of no relationship.

Answer: d

37. Emotions, sensation, perceiving, and deserving come under the category of

(1) Integrative event

(2) Freudian event

(3) Objective event

(4) Subjective event

Answer: d

38. “Electra complex” is a situation found in

(1) Oral stage

(2) Anal stage

(3) Phallic stage

(4) Latency stage

Answer: c

39. Which among the following statements are true in case of sampling?

(i) A sampling design is a definite plan for obtaining a sample from the sampling frame.

(ii) A list containing all elementary units or cluster of units from which the sample is drawn is called sampling frame.

(iii) Sampling distribution is the range within which the population average will lie in accordance with the reliability specified in the confidence level.

(iv) The mean of the sampling distribution can be taken as the mean of the universe.


(1) (i) and (ii) only are true.

(2) (ii) and (iii) only are true.

(3) (iii) and (iv) only are true.

(4) (i) , (ii) and (iv) only are true.

Answer: d

40. ‘Community work as the process of delivering social welfare services’ is conceptualized by

(1) Arthur Durham

(2) M. G. Ross

(3) Rothman

(4) H. B. Trecker

Answer: a

41. Hypergamy is

(1) anuloma marriage

(2) pratiloma marriage

(3) Inter-caste marriage

(4) gandharva marriage

Answer: a

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