NTA (UGC)-NET: Banking Committees

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  • Chakravarty committee 1985: Review the working of the monetary system.
  • Abid Hussain committee 1987: Profit making public units should offer a part of their share capital of public as part of long term stratergy to establish the stock exchange.
  • Ghosh committee 1991: Bank frauds & malpractices
  • Vagul committee 1987: Money market & on unit trust of india
  • Dave Study Group: Mutual funds
  • JV Shetty committee 1993: Review the system of lending under consortium arrangements & to suggest improvements therein.
  • Malegam committee 1995: Primary market reforms
  • Sundaram committee 1993: Structure of export credit
  • Sodhani committee 1995: NRI investment & FOREX markets
  • Goswami committee 1993: Industrial sickness & corporate restructuring
  • Narasimhan committee I 1991: Examine all aspects relating to the structure, organisation & functioning of the financial system.
  • Nadkarni committee 1992: Trading in public sector bonsd & mutual funds.
  • Janakiraman committee 1993: Securities transactions of banks & financial institutions.
  • Nayak committee 1991: Credit to small scale industry sector.
  • Goiporia committee 1990: Customer service in banks
  • Khanna committee 1994: Monitoring the work of NBFCs
  • Narasimhan committee II 1997: Banking sector reforms
  • Verma committee 1999: Revival of weak public sector banks.
  • Kelkar committee 2002: Indirect tax reforms
  • Khusro committee 1986: Agricultural credit
  • R. V. Gupta committee 1997: Agricultural loan
  • Mahalanobis committee: National income
  • Jilani committee: Loan system
  • JJ Irani committee: Company reforms
  • SS Tarapore committee: Capital account convertability
  • WS Sarraf committee: Technology issue in the banking sector
  • Dr. Mehta committee: Integrated rural development programme
  • Malhotra committee: Insurance sector reform

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