Society and Economy Panchamahayagya

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Society and Economy

  • Sapinda: Blood relations on the mother's side; persons on thee same gotra on thee father's side

  • Varnasamkara: castes emerged due to foreign, prohibited and communal marriages

  • Grhyasutra mentions about Samskara:

  1. Garbhadhana: to promote conception

  2. Pumsavana: to procuree a male child

  3. Simantonnayana: to ensure safety to child in womb

  4. Jatakarma: birth ceremony before cutting of umbilical chord

  5. Namakarna: the naming ceremony on the 10th or 12th day after birth.

  6. Niskarma: child taken out of home and shown the sun for the first time

  7. Annaprasanna: first feeding of solid food

  8. Chudakarma: took place in the 3rd year of boys

  9. Karnavedha: Ear-piercing

  10. Vidyarambha: Between 5 and 7

  11. Investiture: Upanayana - Second birth - which is ideal for the Bra - 8 year; Kshatriyas - 10 years; Vaisyas - 12 years

  12. Vedaramha: studing of Veda

  13. Kesanta: the first saving of beard

  14. Samavartana: the ritual ending of the student life

  15. Vivaha: marriage

  16. Antyesti: the funeral ritual

  • In Manusmriti: 12 Samaskaras mentioned; in Grihya Sutra between 12 to 18; and in Gautama's Dharamsutras 16.

  • Gotra: for the first time appeared in the Athrava Veda

  • Chandrayana: Appeared in Baudhayana Sutra, which means a man marrying the same gotra must perform Chandrayana penance.

  • Kalivarjya: Widow Remarriage - customs once permissible.

  • According to Arthashastra: mere are three types of Conquests:

  • Dharamavijya- Righteous conquest

  • Zhowijaya: Greed Conquest

  • Aasuravijya: Demonic Conquest


  • Gautama regarded Panchamahayagya as a part of the Sansakara

    1. Brahama Yagya: for in-tellectual growth, for Gurus;

    2. Deva Yagya: To get rid of the obligations and loans of the God;

    3. Butta Yagya: from life loan;

    4. Pitri yagya: from the loan of fa-thfir;

    5. AthithiYagya: from the loan of the whole society

  • Srauta yagya : Gautama has mentioned Sapt Havir yagya According to Asvalayana

  1. Aganayaya : two days ritual of wife and husband with four priests;

  2. Dashapurnanmasha;

  3. Chaturmasha;

  4. Agrayana : related to Agriculture;

  5. Kamayesti: Age, wealth, son, health;

  6. Agnistoma : Basically, it is a kind of Soma Yagya; according to Gautama, Soma Yagya were of seven types:

  7. Agnistoma,

  8. Atyarinstoma,

  9. Ukashya,

  10. Shodasina,

  11. Vajpeya

  12. Attiratra,

  13. Apttoyarma

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