NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Communication and Technology: The Elements Of Communication

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The Elements of Communication

We can ascertain the elements that are being engrossed (circulatory and digestive systems, for example), can judge how those elements'influence one another and can focus on the nature of entire process. Applying this approach to the communication process, we came to know eight vital elements-

  1. a source or encoder of communication, which initiate

  2. a message

  3. through a channel or a mode to

  4. a receiver or decoder, which

  5. replies with a feedback with

  6. possibilities of communication Barrier in each stage of communication. These elements must be well understood and can scrutinize with

  7. the situation or context

  8. the system i.e.. Relationship, which is being formed and sustained at few levels by the communicator.

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