NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Communication and Technology: Multimedia

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To assure more clarity in minds, It is essential to list up the advantages and disadvantages of multimedia authoring tools (MM) when it is compared with the Web, They are stated below-

Advantages of MM Authoring

  1. Many of them contain sophisticated editing tools and background scripting languages.

  2. Most will allow run-time versions to be distributed without the need for third parties to have the complete version of the software they were created in e. g. HyperCard player, etc.

  3. Because of the vast history of development there are 8 substantial amount of helping material and publications to help the desired author.

  4. The author must have complete control over the data, limiting its distribution as well as the end-users'capabilities to change material.

Disadvantages of MM Authoring

  1. Every authoring package has its own disadvantages; often confined to a single platform: Lacks in handling hypertext.

  2. The author develops specific importing characteristics, most of the data used in the final product will be locked into the package making significant editing in a problem.

  3. The expectancy of life through these products is a matter of concern, strides in making the authoring software made easy to use, it should still keep in mind that the learning curve for some topics is very large.

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