NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Defining Teaching

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A Good Definition of Teaching

According to this analysis we can define variable of education whereas educator is teaching as a-tripolar process involving human independent variable. Social milieu is required or material source ‘of teaching students and a for the direction of education. Education should set of organised’ activities designed and develop intellectual, moral, aesthetic, manipulated for bringing changes in the democratic, material and economic life to make behaviours of the taught our country a leading force.

Hard work and Since teaching is a process and it is mental alertness should be the rest requisite of dynamic in nature so it changes its concept the educational training. According to time and place. It is a professional. The teacher has to provide intellectual and activity. Teaching can be analysed and. Social leadership. He is to follow a curriculum assessed. This analysis and assessment but his task is beyond this. He acts as an ideal provides feedback for further improvement in for his students. He has to follow the way of methods of teaching. Teaching is highly simple life with great thinking, His morale dominated by communication skill. It is should be high. He must be competent enough. His interactive process carried-with purpose and efficiency and enthusiasm is also very objectives, Teaching may have various forms as crucial. He must also possess some other formal, imformal, diiectional, lnstructional. Qualities as he is the pivot of educational formational; training, conditioning, talking: System. Such as

Use of good means for good showing etc. All these words single handly can't ends, clear thinking no prejudice, ability of be synonym of teaching. Teaching is a much critical judgements at the right time, tolerance broader term, All these activities are parts of are all needed for a teacher. Teacher must be teaching at different level, ready to impart to their students all Teaching has been analysed in several information geographical, historical, political ways for understanding it, for designing social practical and strategic and scientific. Teaching methods and materials with a view. To The complete educational process has four realism. Objectives making teaching crucial common factors more effective

Teacher works to change the behaviour of

  1. Tell whether teaching is a process or students according to the need of the society. Act. He or she must also creates situation to increase

  2. Clearly indicates constitutional factors. The thinking capacity of mind of students. He

  3. Reveals objectives, and give education to the people. Education is a

  4. Say something about its organisational tripolar process involving educator, educant and structural aspect and social milieu.

Basis of Modification

This modification is done on the basis of-

  1. teacher.

  2. student.

  3. subject matter feedbacks.

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