Modern Concepts of Teaching & Process of teaching

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Modern Concepts of Teaching


By the teacher to the student and student to the teacher.


  • Clears doubts of students.

  • Expression of thought.

  • Teacher directs discussion.


  • Either individual or group after the teacher presents the information.

  • Can be followed by expression of thoughts of the students.


Can be in the form of practical activities.

Image of Modern Concepts of Teaching

Image of Modern Concepts of Teaching

Image of Modern Concepts of Teaching

Process of Teaching

Five steps involved in the process of teaching:


  • Of both the teacher and student.

  • Teacher must identity the level of the children.

  • The teacher can introduce the lesson by asking appropriate questions from a previous chapter to connect it to the new chapter.

  • Relevant topics/stories can be discussed & narrated in class.

  • Introduction must be brief and create interest to stimulate curiosity in students.


  • Teacher must state the aim of the lesson to be taught so that the students can prepare themselves for what they are expecting.

  • The teacher then presents the lesson by using different materials, presenting facts and other principles relevant to the lesson.

  • The teacher can leave some area of the lesson for the student to explore.


The third step of learning where the student is presented with the opportunity to compare two sets of facts.


  • By observation and comparison various conclusions can be drawn.

  • Teachers must aid the students when they arrive at incorrect generalizations.

  • The students must understand the law/principle taught by the teacher for this stage to be successful.


  • Knowledge loses half its value unless if used in the discovery of further facts and their application to new situations.

  • Makes learning meaningful and permanent.

  • Serves purpose of revision of what has been learnt.

  • Children can be evaluated through examinations.

Image of Process teaching

Image of Process Teaching

Image of Process teaching

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