NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Subject matter

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Subject Matter

Subject matter can also be defined as the curriculum. Curriculum is a “basic overall plan of the content or specific material of instruction, that an educational institution should offer to the student by way of qualifying him for graduation or certification” It is also a body of prescribed educational experience under an institutional supervision, designed to give an individual with the outstanding training and experience to fit him for the society of which he or she is a part, or to qualify him for a trade or profession. It is also defined as “a subject matter, instructional materials, situations o~ experience that may, help to develop understanding, skills, appreciation and attitudes” Curriculum should be systematic, psychological and as per the needs of the pupil and also the society. It should be objective in approach. Curriculum can be of two kinds:

  1. Teacher oriented curriculum: In this type of curriculum the process of selection of materials content is based on the needs of the instructor or teacher. The teacher has expertise in his specific area and is considered remarkable.

  2. Child or student oriented curriculum: A curriculum in which the criteria for the selection and sequence of material, activities and experiences for any specific pupil are the needs, maturity, interests and experiential backgrounds of the individual child. In our country the NCERT is the main institution authorized for making curriculum. Every state has. His own curriculum making entities known as SCERT. Some states follows the NCERT curriculum. All schools affiliated uses. This is the most crucial step of teaching learning process. The CBSE boards basically follow NCERT curriculum. At higher _level every university make their own curriculum as per the guidelines of University Grant Commission which acts for the uniformity in curriculum at higher level in our country.

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