NTA (UGC) NET Paper 1 Research and Teaching Aptitude: Writing research paper

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It will comprise of an essay or dissertation read at a seminar or published in a journal, Hence a formal written matter with the intention to publish, present, read loudly or a scholarly essay.

Article: An article is a non-fictional literacy that constitutes an individual independent part of a publication as of a newspaper or magazine.

Workshop: A meeting is said to be held when a group indulges into intended discussion on a specific topic or on a project.

Seminar: A conference is conducted for the discussion on training or on a specific topic.

Conference: A formal meeting for discussion or debate.

Symposium: A meeting or conference held for discussion on any specific topic, specifically where the candidates form the audience and deliver a presentation.

Dissertation or Thesis: Encouraging the new view points resulting from research; generally a need for advanced academic degree.

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