Method of Research for Paper 1 Unit I (Research Aptitude) as Per New 2020 Syllabus

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Research Aptitude: Objectives

  • To discover new facts.

  • To verify & test important facts.

  • To analyses an event, process or phenomenon.

  • To identify the cause & effect relationship.

  • To develop new scientific tools, concepts and theories.

  • To solve and understand scientific & nonscientific problems.

  • To find solutions to scientific, nonscientific and social problems.

  • To overcome or solve the problems occurring in our everyday life.

  • Gain familiarity with a phenomenon and to achieve new insights.

  • Portray accurately the characteristics (description).

  • Determine the frequency with which something occurs.

  • Test hypothesis of a causal relationship between variables.

Complete Postal Material Updated as per New Syllabus

Depth of research

Depth of Research

Depth of research

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Aptitude Research: Characteristics

  • Patient study and scientific investigation.

  • It develops concepts and the theories. One reason for conducting research is to develop and evaluate concepts and the theories.

  • It is solution oriented and directed towards the solution of a problem.

  • It determines the relation between two or more variables.

  • Research emphasizes to the development of theories, concept, principles and generalization that are helpful in predicting future occurrences.

  • Research is replicable. The design, procedures and result of scientific research should be replicable so that any person other than researcher may assess the validity of research.

  • Research requires that researchers have full knowledge of the problem under the study.

  • It is an essential tool for good decision making.

  • Findings through research cannot be implemented immediately.

  • It Expands limits of knowledge.

  • Based upon observable experience.

  • Demand accurate observation and experience.

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